Saturday, February 25, 2017

Around Here // Weekending

Yesterday I walked the middle school boys up to the corner to catch their bus and this scene stopped me cold. It's true that my kids went to school in shorts this week. It's true that they have been playing out in the garden boxes with the neighbors until dark, coming in covered in dirt after dinner has long gone cold. Yes, indeed I have noted a significant lifting of my spirit correlating with the reappearance of the sun and chirping birds. BUT I AM GRAVELY WORRIED ABOUT THE TREES. They are covered in buds and as God and the BBC are my witness (holla, The Crown!) winter is not over yet. There will be snow and it will come late enough to make us weep. It will likely come during the week of Spring break, as it did last year. It will be biting and crackling and so very discouraging. And on top of all that, I'm now concerned that it will annihilate the trees. We will suffer a shadeless summer. Or something.


But speaking of winter, not to brag, but I've become something of a soup aficionado this year. I've fancied myself a foodie for ages now, but it wasn't until this - the winter of my 40th year - that I braved the trusty seas of a homemade, made-up soup. Apparently, if you have some broth and a few veggies on hand, bliss is just thirty minutes away.

My first attempt included a couple lonely potatoes found rolling around in the bin and half a head of cauliflower that had seen better days. If memory serves me, I threw in a can of corn and I definitely tossed the dregs of a bag of shredded cheese in at the end.

It could have gone either way.

But when I showed up late to Monday night Bible study after a PTO meeting, the pot was empty, and my neighbor Jasmine swore it had healed everything that ailed her. (Typical "Jasmine" ailments include mysterious stomach pains, a possible gall bladder situation, and an aversion to both chocolate and left-overs.)

I didn't bother telling her the soup was basically the very definition of left-overs. And I've never known what to say about the chocolate drama.

{This winter has been the ugliest ever, but we had a foggy morning earlier this week and I couldn't stop taking pictures. Fog. The ultimate filter! Earl Grey tea for the soul!}

Aside from making a lot of soup, I've been pondering the meaning of life and my place in it. Raise your hand if you're with me. And remind me in exactly one year, if you don't mind, that I always get this way in February.

We're still here, and we've still got things to do. I don't want to spend my time wishing things (such as myself) were different when I could be grabbing all of it up and stuffing my pockets.

If you're reading this, you're my people and I'm yours. Let's stick together.

{We did an overnighter in Grand Rapids last week since the kids had a long weekend...and ran into this statue of Rosa Parks!}

{Cory and Rubes trying to channel Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.}

Here are a few things that have caught my attention lately:

::  Inclusivity is More Than Tolerance by Preemptive Love Coalition
"Inclusivity isn’t about how a community looks, it’s about how a community functions."

::  A simple, tested idea to help the homeless. "Don't assume they are lazy."

::  I have been catastrophically bad at making brown rice and never thought it tasted good, anyway. Then I found this recipe and I literally eat it out of the pan. 

::  5 Instagram Photos that Stopped me in my Scroll by The Lettered Cottage (One of my decorating and EVERYTHING soul sisters!)

::  Church Planting in the Age of Desire by Ashley Hales for The Gospel Coalition

And here's a little of what I've been up to:

::  I wrote about Sharing the Communion of the Whole Truth at (in)courage. "Whatever the reason, having grown weary of my typical deflections, this week I decided to start telling the truth."

::  I also got to speak at the chapel service at mine and Cory's alma mater - Bethel College, Mishawaka, IN. You can watch or listen by clicking here and scrolling down to my name. Disclaimer: I do a good bit of claw hand flapping.

::  I was interviewed by Charissa Steyn about how I'm alive to adventure. Read here!

Happy weekending, homies. Hope you have something scandalous brewing.