Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Love Could Look Like if We Let It // weekending ed.

Though several of these stories are "old", none of them has gone away. Today as the air cools and the leaves crumble, may we be driven to remember, driven to repentance and growth, compelled to the greatest love.

::  It could look like being the kind of people the world needs now.

::  It could look like "foolish" solidarity in the face of brutality.

::  It could look like cheering on our opponent. "Keep going! Keep going!"

::  It could look like buying truckloads of maxi pads for impoverished public schools.

::  It could look like redefining success.

::  It could look like staring pain in the face and simply saying, "I'm sorry. I love you. I'm with you." (No link for this one, just on my mind.)

::  It could look like grieving evil wherever it exists, and refusing to qualify our lament. (A reminder we need again and again. On that note, I just finished this book.)

::  It could look like refusing to take sides (and understanding that when someone speaks passionately about one, it doesn't mean they are against the other.)

::  It could look like choosing tender love over the tough kind.

::  It could look like devoting ourselves to quiet ministry.

Happy weekending, Loves.

- Shannan