Saturday, October 8, 2016


(puddle photo by Cory)

:: This piece on the church coming around inmates after prison made me cheer.

:: This review of Falling Free made me weepy. 

:: An important way to help support foster- and adoptive families.

:: How to host a crappy dinner. (YES!)

:: Have you ever joked (in good fun!) about "black" names? Me, too. This piece was on-point and convicting. 

:: On the underrated magic of grocery store flowers. (I've been doing this for years and it really is (lazy) genius!)

:: A local reader (a man!) knows how fond Silas is of Adele's "Hello" and sent us this version.

:: A lengthy but worth-it read on valuing children in church. "Children don’t want to know about God. They want to know God"

:: Want to make my day? Leave a review of Falling Free over at Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, etc. It's such a simple way to help people find the book. (Reviews can be as short as one sentence.)

:: Did I just give you homework on a Saturday? Let me make it up to you with a slice of this. (My friend Sarah made this for me recently with raspberries and it was amazing!)

Happy Weekend, Homies!

- Shannan

PS - Two posts in two days? Look at me, acting like it's 2010! :)


  1. Loved your friend's review of Falling Free....Congrats on your book......thank you for sharing your stories and your life!
    .....sharing this article I read in our local paper with you because it reminded me of Cory's prison ministry....

  2. Beautiful photo and good reads!

  3. LOVE this...
    "We are not called to be mediators or gatekeepers to the youngest among us. We are called to be fellow pilgrims who learn from each other. That means spending time together, learning together, listening to each other, serving together, wondering together, worshipping together, young and old. It’s not always easy. It takes practice and patience, this echoing and echoing back, this sharing, this mutuality. But this is how, together, we receive the kingdom of God, as children of God, still growing, wherever we are on the path—with or without My Little Ponies in the pew. In God’s name, Amen."

  4. I have never seen any thing that beautiful.

  5. Hi Shannan! I am right in the middle of reading your book and find it so inspiring and truly pointing to the good news of the Gospel! This morning I was reading a devotional from Richard Rohr and his discussion of Francis and Claire of Assisi reminded me of what you are doing right now. I felt you may want to read the piece too. Here is the link: