Saturday, September 3, 2016


We are alive! The Martins are alive and well! We were busy last week and then decidedly unbusy this week and now that we're staring down a long weekend, we've decided to continue with the unbusiness. It suits us.

Tonight we wandered around our city's First Friday, scoping out VW camper-vans (Silas was tremendously impressed not by the fact that they had beds and kitchens, but that they had electrical outlets,) we hit up the churches that offer free food, we played corn-hole, we said a few hellos, the kids had snow cones, we and we held hands for a very long time, in air just the right shade of perfect.

One of the teacher's from the kids' school stopped and offered to take our pic!

{Please notice Ruby's Barbie, which she had to bring with her, and posed in a variety of ways throughout the night, but please don't ask her about it because she's apparently very uncomfortable talking about this portable show-piece of hers. She hates to attract attention.}

I hope you have lots of nothing planned, yourselves.

No laboring! None at all! We shall not be laborers!


::  This photo essay of two sisters will split your heart open! (And the third photo down looks just like Ruby River.)

::  My favorite source for colorful, durable, super cute, first-hand kids clothing is having a massive sale - 20% off everything (including clearance!) and free shipping. We love their global perspective and their commitment to ethical sourcing! 

:: A heartfelt black perspective on white privilege.  

::  This blog post wins as the most hopeful things I've read all week. I keep finding myself thinking about it.

::  I'm obsessed with these flowers. Obsessed! {Follow them on IG for a sunnier feed.}

::  I won bonus points for making these carnitas tacos this week. (Silas: "Do we eat tacos every day?" Only when we're lucky, son...)

:: Remember the time I celebrated back-to-school by decorating my house with trash?

::  In recent weeks I've been on a few podcasts. Catch me on the Billy Graham radio program and on Around the Table.

:: I'll file this one under, 'Gimme back my theological comforts! I don't like being convicted!' {"We rely more on the Bible than we do on the living and active Spirit of God within us...While the Bible is an important and authoritative guide for Christian faith and practice, it isn’t the foundation or center of our faith- Jesus is."}

::  I love my city so much! {"It’s not unusual for today’s American cities to have a demographic makeup that is more diverse than in years past. What is unusual, however, is for a city government to not only adjust to the changing population, but to acknowledge that it is a better place because of it. Of course, Goshen has always been known for being a bit unusual – in the best possible way."}

::  Loving these letterpress state flower prints. (Indiana's flower is the peony! Swoon.)

::  5 Reasons to Quit Your Church. Boom/Ouch.

::  Getting ready to dig into this with a side of this.

::  And pssst! I'm two point five weeks away from this. It's surreal. I can't talk about it. Unless it's after midnight and Cory's trying to sleep, and then I actually have quite a bit to say. ;)

Happy Weekending!

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  1. Football is on the table for my house ALL day long for my guys, so I plan to sit with them and catch up on these links you posted!

    Here is a sauce for your tacos and anything else you want to put it on. We call it Green Sauce, though that name is not nearly reflective of all the goodness therein.

    In a blender: 16 oz sour cream (I used reduced fat), 1 bunch of cilantro with big stems removed, 1 package ranch dressing powder, 2 jalapenos -- seeded and cut in to big chunks (Or add some seeds if you like spicy), juice from 2 limes. Blend. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve on everything or just dip a spoon in and eat it plain!


  2. I adore the first image of you and your kids! This is for Silas:
    Hope your weekend continues to be grand!

  3. Imagine my surprise when I clicked through to the first link on your list...these are my granddaughters! Aren't they scrumptious?! And my daughter's photos and words about them fill my heart with pride at the mother she is to the gifts God's given to her and her husband, Kelly.

  4. I appreciated your third link, because not only did the author give concrete examples of what she had experienced, but she explained what the privilege was. I think it's easy to hear this term but not as easy to know what where it actually applies. Seeing her explanation helped me to understand.

  5. Calvin is growing up so fast!! He is really looking like a teenager. I will never forget the chubby little baby I used to love to rock and sing to, ( and he never complained about my singing).

  6. Ooh I love a good list post! Slowly making my way through. :) The Good Black News post was so, so good. I needed to read it. ❤️

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