Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On Loving Our Schools & Mom Guilt

When my family moved to a disadvantaged neighborhood complete with a Title I school (most students at or below the poverty line,) I suddenly started noticing things I had taken for granted in the past. One of those things was Box Tops for Education, those little squares on cereal boxes and all sorts of other things. For the first time, I was in a district that didn't have the funding for important things like safe playground equipment, field learning trips, and any "extra" learning enhancements.

Taking the time to clip those little ten cent tokens became totally worth it, and I invited you to begin clipping, too. Many of you began sending them to an in-need school in your local area, and others began sending them straight to us.

To put it very mildly, our teachers and staff were stunned by your graciousness. As envelopes arrived from across the United States and even across the globe, the world compressed, becoming smaller in a really beautiful way. Many kiddos in our neighborhood struggle in ways most of us will never understand. But they know there are people cheering them on, believing in them, and it matters.

You walked toward our need, and it is still making a difference.

Over the summer, we had an opportunity to make a little film our school and YOUR support of us. It's so sweet, and I wanted to share it with you. I cry every time I watch!

In other newsy news, I shared my Good Mom essay over at (in)courage today. You may have caught it the first time around, but it is one I need to personally re-read over and over again. Maybe the same is true for you, or a friend you know struggling with mom-guilt. Find it here. 

"Our job is not to lasso our kids’ hearts for God then hand Him the rope. We cannot tie our goodness to an outcome that was never ours to create. We’ve gotten this all wrong. Our job is to reflect His goodness while we are here in the land of the fumbling, wrecking-ball living. It’s time to reshape this narrative."

Happy Tuesday, pals!