Saturday, June 11, 2016


What could be better than a weekend in June? I'm here for you, in these (hopefully) lazyish, hammock-swinging, sun-soaking days. These are some of the best links I've been hoarding for a few weeks and I'm sharing! Enjoy, friends.

:: The first time I met Kari Sowers I knew I wanted to meet her a thousand more times. She's a world-changer, a hope-believer, a doer. She inspires me, teaches me, and makes me laugh. I made jam this morning while listening to her newly launched Manifest Collab & Create podcast featuring Jessie McNamara and it was EVERYTHING. This is unique from other podcasts I've listened to, and I dig it in a big way.  Kari ended the show by saying, "Go build something!" and hand-to-heart, it made me want to. Have a listen and check out her site.

:: My long-term internet boo, Nici Holt Cline, launched a new venture called Dig & Co. "We make things. For adventuring, homesteading and artful living." I'm googly-eyed over this camp blanket!!!

:: This adorable, inspiring home tour on A Beautiful Mess got me right in my gingham-patterned ticker. The design is amazing, but you'll want to stick around for Lindsey's heart and grit.

:: I'm ashamed to say I never thought or cared about things like this until I became a mom to diverse kiddos, living in a diverse community. (You might be neither of those things, but you can be way ahead of my game and care anyway!) “An Asian person who is competing against white people, for an audience of white people, has to train for that opportunity like it’s the Olympics,” Ms. Wu said. “An incredibly talented Asian actor might be considered for a leading role maybe once or twice in a lifetime. That’s a highly pressured situation.”

:: Bearing Witness by Becca Stanley
Becca flawlessly writes the tension of loving neighbors with hard lives well. Her words are dignifying, honoring, and humbly inspiring. {This post of hers about being bullied by breast-feeding moms is also excellent.}

:: Seth Haines's writing gives us all permission to stop pretending to have all our crap together.
"This life of faith–how often is it the impetus to  secret away our more damnable acts; how often is it the impetus to shame others into secreting away theirs? Secrets, secrets everywhere, but look at all of our pretties."

:: Evangelicals Need to Sit in a Room and Say Nothing for a Long time by Ed Cyzewski
"People who abide and live by faith don’t need God to constantly poke them in order to prove that he’s real."

:: Your Kids Don't Need a Megachurch by Julia Becker for Christianity Today
In a season where my family feels like outliers in many ways, it's comforting to know there's more than one right way. It's almost uncanny how much this piece reflects our own life. "For our kids, church involves worship, prayer, Bible reading, and people who love them. That’s it. No bells and whistles. No performance or productions. Just the frail and broken body engaging in the healing work of Christ."

:: Why I'm Framing my Ph.D. Above My Changing Table by Ashley Hales for SheLoves Magazine
"It’s the easy thing to get bitter there on the ground. To feel defeated when you’re stuck in a life that pulls you to your end most days. But I am reminded of this beautiful phrase in scripture, 'And yet.'"

:: The actress Amanda Peet shares a sharp, relatable essay on aging and vanity.
When I was scratching [my daughter] Frankie's back at bedtime the other night, I thought she was asleep, but then, out of nowhere, she said, "I'm scared that because you have so many wrinkles it means you're going to die soon." Yep, that makes two of us.
"The 'sacred places' of Christian Culture, of church, of the Bible itself, felt inaccessible to me in my pain. But I found Joseph Arthur’s song 'In The Sun' while watching an episode of Scrubs, and for weeks the words were my best, most honest prayer."

:: In other news, I made this stir-fried cabbage with this Korean grilled chicken and Cory and I are still talking about it. 

Happy Weekend, Homies!