Saturday, May 21, 2016


Um, you guys. The plates.

In the days leading up to the sale, Jolene and I shot cackling Voxes back and forth along the lines of, "What is this idea?" and "Will people get it?" "Will we hear crickets?"

You got it. You get me! (I sort of thought you might.)
After shipping is paid we made nearly $700 for this sweet family and THAT IS AMAZING. It exceeded my expectations. It was so, so worth it.

You're all my favorite!

In deep gratitude, I bring you an extra-special Weekending post, featuring some juicy weekend reads.

:: Darin (Jo's hubs) wrote a post about fundraising for adoptions. It's so good and helpful.

:: I love to write about home and I might love to read it even more. Especially when "home" is somewhere in Africa and Nic holds the pen. I've missed her writing. (I've missed her.)

:: Amber might be the only person who rivals my love for Taco Bell. It makes me want to get competitive about it (I loved her first!) but it mostly makes me want to take her out for a Spicy Tostada.

:: Amber's comments section led me to this girl, and the realization that even if I did love TB first, she might actually love it a tiny bit more though it's all sort of apples and oranges or tacos and burritos and whatever, youngster, I LOVED HER FIRST.

:: Knock knock. Who's there? How much Taco Bell can a good reader handle in one blog post? I'll stop now.

:: This post made me snort-laugh. He lived the male version of my early-teen years.

:: Alia paints a picture of marriage and I want to stitch it onto my own heart. "I am not that girl anymore, the one with plumeria oil on her neck and no weight on her shoulders. I am a woman now with my laundry basket almost emptied."

:: I spent half my childhood in Katie's home, as the bestie to her older sister. Katie's hair was somehow just as cool when she was in kindergarten and she had the cutest little voice. She's an artist now, and one of those people you just want to spend more time with. This post on Design Mom about her gorgeous home and the reason she's been quiet on her blog is the pitch-perfect weekend read.

:: Right this second I'm listening to this album and it simultaneously gives me the blues and makes me feel alive.

:: Tonight I got to see Glennon with some really fun friends. I scribbles notes on the program. "Addiction is a hiding place. Sensitive people go there to hide from love and from pain." She makes addiction sound like a complication rising up from a place of beauty and grief rather than a point of shame and judgment. I want to kiss her on both cheeks for it.

:: I made a batch of blueberry rhubarb jam this afternoon using Kendra's "recipe". (You'll want half blueberries and half rhubarb. Or maybe more. Or less. And plenty of sugar! But taste the berries because maybe they're really sweet and you won't need as much. Throw in some lemon juice.) IT IS DELICIOUS.

Happy weekend, Homies!
(Why not?)