Thursday, May 26, 2016

Come On In

If there's one thing that weirds me out about blogging, it's talking about blogging on my blog.

It feels like the worst kind of faux pas and I should know, because I am, in fact, one of the matriarchs of blogging. Or at least that's how it feels whenever I make a string of decisions that ends with me walking into a blogging conference of twenty-somethings wearing Pocahontas headbands slung about their foreheads, pushing their hair up on their head in a way that would make me look like I suffered an unfortunate event earlier in the day and didn't realize how ridiculous I still looked.

Only they don't look ridiculous.
They look dewy and amazing and tender-skinned.
They look like they probably know html code and like they own multiple legit lipsticks.
They give me the feeling that I should bear some measure of shame over my incapability of using a computer without a mouse. I love them and they love me, but they think I'm wise. If you know what I mean.

I've been at this gig this for a very long time. I know what works for me.

But today, I'm breaking my own rule. I'm flinging open my freshly-painted doors and inviting you in for a tour (don't go in the boys' room, just DON'T) and pretend cookies.

(If you receive my posts in your inbox, this would be a great time to click over and see my pretty new blog design!)

You might as well know, this is how I'm answering the door, only without the amazing lighting and related perks of Kelly's photography skills. Guys, this is me. On the daily. When I'm writing to you, this is how I look. If you ever find yourself imagining me for some strange reason, let it be exactly like this - with bedhead, no make-up, and a mug of Earl Grey.

Don't let the fancy photo on my sidebar confuse you. At my very core I'm all misbehaving hair and that wonky birthmark beside my eye.

But I do love having tea with you. I love what we've got going here.

I love that you take me just as I am.


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