Thursday, May 19, 2016

Auction Day!

We have winners!!!! Invoices will go out asap.
(I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! You have the hugest hearts!)

Set 1 - Paige $50
Set 2 - Jessie $60
Set 3 - Ann $90
Set 4 - Amy $70
Set 5 - Connie $100
Set 6 - Ann $80
Set 7 - Robyn $80
Set 8 - Cynda $40
Set 9 - Ann $75
Set 10 - Unknown (Nikki) $40

Set 11 - Cynda $55
Set 12 - Jessica $115 

Good morning!

Oh how I wish we were standing in a big, janky barn together, at a real auction. But honestly, this isn't a bad Plan B.

Thanks for showing up today to support Jolene and her family to bring their Leo home! You can follow the journey of their fun family right here. Darin is a fantastic writer and it's fun to read from a Dad's perspective. They are just fun, engaging, helpful, good-quirky, funny, light-bearing, all-around-awesome people. 

Enough gushing! I have plates to peddle!

A couple quick notes:
* The plates do not come with hangars. There are a couple of different styles, these and these. I've tried both and though the adhesive option is popular because the hangar itself doesn't "show", I've found that with some white plates, the yellow color of the disc shows through. I also like the standard, metal option because you can easily switch plates out. AND YOU KNOW I'M A SWITCHER. So I'm leaving hardware up to you, but as you can see from the above links, it's affordable. (You can also buy hangars at Hobby Lobby.)
* There are twelve sets, not thirteen as I said yesterday. I promise I didn't nab one for myself. Per usual, I'm just fuzzy on the particulars. 

Auctionary Proceduraral Details:

* Each set has a starting bid of $35, which includes shipping (limited to continental US.)

* Please leave a comment below with the number of the set you're bidding on and an active PayPal email address so I can invoice you at the end of the auction. (So sorry, but a PayPal account is required!)

* Leave one comment per bid. Example, if you'd like to bid on two sets, you will need to leave two separate comments.

* Check back! I wish there was a better way, but in order to ensure you haven't been outbid, you'll just have to scan the comments.

* Bidding ends tomorrow (Friday, May 20) at 10 am EST.

*Winners will be announced in a separate blog post on Saturday.

* Invite your friends! I'll be sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I'd love for you to share it!

*Have fun! Bid with gusto and help bring a little one to his forever family!

Now, let's get to it!

Friends, thanks for tracking with me in all my odd-ball ideas. You make this gig so very fun.
Happy bidding!

* NOTE: I need a PayPal address in the comments so I know for sure I can invoice you. Pretty please!