Saturday, April 2, 2016


It's tricky when you go on a road trip to Kentucky to stay in a cabin for two days with strangers before Spring Break has even started. What inevitably happens is that you find yourself back home and it's cold and rainy. And your kids are home for the next ten days straight.

It has Howard and I like:

They sure are cute, though.

And I have to say, yesterday was way better than Thursday. We rallied with a long, rainy walk and a trip to the library. Two down, seven to go! (help!)

Today my hopes and dreams are to finish this book for book club and plan my April menu.
But first, I wanted to share some things that have grabbed me lately.

:: The Spiritual Discipline of Touring Your Own Hometown by Emily P. Freeman
"This is the place where God wants to meet you, for better or worse."

:: "When You're Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression" by Chris Boeskool for Huffington Post

:: Serial Podcast - Season One 
We're utterly hooked. I even dreamed about Adnan and Hae once since listening.

:: Have a look at this sweet Gerber baby formula video, starring one of my favorite families, Becca and Adam from The Stanley Clan. I love, love, love that they had the opportunity to share their unconventional life along with their love for their kiddos and their neighborhood.

Here's some of what's keeping me busy these days:

:: Cory and I are speaking at the one-day Rooted Chicago conference on April 23. We'll be taking the stage with Bob Goff and I'll be part of a break-out session in the afternoon. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Rooted is everything I keep saying conferences need to be. The speaker line-up is dynamic and diverse, it's inexpensive and designed for locals, and there's scholarship funding available because they want it to be accessible to anyone who wants to be there. The cost for the (very full) day is $50, including lunch. If you use the code SHANNAN at registration, you get $10 off! We would love to see you there!

:: I got to chat with Sarah Bragg on her podcast, Surviving Sarah. I'm still in the phase where I go back and listen once it airs, field research and all that jazz. The truth is, I never get tired of talking about the things that make my heart beat. We could have talked for hours, but kept it at just one.

 :: Lastly, some brand new friends (as in, I'd met a couple of them a few times and a couple more of them never) invited me over for a cooking club lunch on a Friday afternoon. I was under deadline. It required planning and effort. I felt a certain urge to make myself look presentable...all things that would have made it easy to say no. But instead, I said yes. We each made a dish from Smitten Kitchen and shared a feast in the middle of the day while their littles played, got muddy, and bickered outside. What??! It was amazing. {I contributed this arugula, potato, and green bean salad.}

Happy weekend, Homies!
~ Shannan


  1. Your photos are charming, I like the blue bridge supports and the boy "singing" with the musical notes on the wall. Best wishes with your Rooted speaking.

  2. I haven't gotten into Serial yet (it's downloaded & waiting to be listened to), but there is a Canadian podcast you might also like - Somebody knows something - - it is only 20 min, following a guy uncovering the story of a 5 year old boy who went missing 30 yrs ago. SO great (the podcast, not that the boy went missing). I am on hooks each week waiting for it to be released and no idea how many episodes makes it hard too.

  3. Love the Huff Post article!! And that blue bridge is AWEOME...Best wishes for a remarkable conference!

  4. Oh my goodness - that family picture makes me ridiculously happy.

  5. The family picture brings ME joy! I know it must make you feel pretty great!

  6. i have so many things to say about this post. 1) that BRIDGE SHOT!!! how did you get it?! so amazing that i'd frame it immediately; 2) so happy to see the picture of you and Kelly and then of the families together! so thankful for the ties that bind; 3) that picture of Howard made me laugh out loud! 4) that picture of Silas is adorable, 5) i am STOKED that you're speaking at Rooted and have a young mom friend who i hope attends (i shared your discount code with her) and 6) your potato salad looks great, but HOW can i get my hands on that marble chocolate marvelousness in the lower right corner! kudos for saying YES.