Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hi this is Calvin, age 11 now. I regret to tell you that there was an Earthquake in Ecuador just a few days ago. I am very worried about the people and the Compassion centers that are thriving there. I hope that everyone is safe but it caused hundreds of people to lose their lives. I can only imagine the pain that families are going through, having them lose so many things during this tragedy. But as they say "good things come when you least suspect it".

Visiting Ecuador was a life changing trip and I really enjoyed it. Well today, about 2 months after we got back, I was called into my moms bedroom (i had no clue what i was about to hear her say) so she tells me that there was an Earthquake in the country I cherish. My response is "whaaaaaat!!" then we go and pull up this map of the area and sure enough there it is.

When you look at a map you think of a piece of paper with big pictures on it. Well, that must be a normal map. This was a horror map. All over the the screen "500 deaths" another one "we know that right now children and families who live in desperate poverty are in serious need of aid." I mean come on people what else could happen. Then I think of all the Compassion centers, the people and families that are being torn apart. I know that Ecuador has poverty but think about it, there are so many people that weren't in poverty and are now. We need to pray for them.

So, if you sponsor a child you could just make their lives so much better. And the $38 dollars you spend could give the child food, education, and hope. This is Calvin Martin and I want you to sponsor a child!

Editor's Note:
Compassion is a natural response to kinship. When the tragic earthquake hit Ecuador this week, I knew Calvin would care deeply. Walking a few miles with someone and beginning to relate with them makes ignoring their pain impossible. Calvin's immediate capacity to care humbled me.

We scoured the maps, paying close attention to Quito, where our sponsored child and his family live, and Manta, where we'd spent one unforgettable, sweaty day. Manta, a coastal city was hit particularly hard, and it's impossible not to think of the homes we visited, made mostly of sticks. We don't know for sure if any of our friends were affected. After visiting the Compassion website, searching for updates, I wondered out loud if I should blog about this. Without hesitation, Calvin broke in, "No. I want to write it."

He did just that while I played at the park with Silas and Ruby. Tonight, along with many of you who sponsored children during our trip in February, we are moved to pray for the country we love and her people. This is precisely why our support matters. Compassion has set up a special donation page if you'd like to offer additional help.

And if these recent events move you to sponsor a child, it's never too late. There's plenty of room for you in this tribe.

Much love,

EDIT: I just realized my teammate Ashley wrote a beautiful piece on the earthquake as well. Find it here. 


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  2. To both of you, thank you for sharing this - I will pray this very minute. - emily freeman

  3. Calvin,
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Thank you Calvin. I will pray for these unfortunately people. Hugs to you and your mama.

  5. Hey Calvin,
    I wish I could know you in person- you are one amazingly kind and generous young man. Don't ever lose your praying heart- the world needs it! I will join with you in prayer, today, right now.

  6. Thank you Calvin for inviting us to pray and to care about those suffering in Ecuador! The world needs your compassionate voice.

  7. Hi Calvin! I have missed you. It was such an honor to journey to Ecuador with you and to watch you love on every child you met. I will never forget how much every Ecuadorian fell in love with you. You are a gift. Thank you for advocating for children in poverty. Thank you for your prayers. And thank you for your words.

  8. What a fine young man you are Calvin. I sponsor a girl from Kenya but have been thinking about sponsoring a child from Ecuador. So after your nice plea for help, I am going to do it today.
    Jenny L.

  9. We too are praying for our friends in Ecuador. Calvin, you did a great job bringing this tragedy to everyone's attention. We have to remember that God can bring good out of even this. Our job is pray, believe, and support them. I pray many will answer your request to sponsor a child or add to those they already support. I don't think anyone could have done a better job.

  10. Bless his sweet caring heart! Love his view point.

  11. thank you all I really appreciate it I am blessed to have friends like you!:)

  12. Thank you, Calvin, for writing and keeping us informed about this crisis. I love your heart! And am praying with you! Pls continue to speak out in support for those without a voice!

  13. Thank you, Calvin, for writing and keeping us informed about this crisis. I love your heart! And am praying with you! Pls continue to speak out in support for those without a voice!


  14. Thank you, Calvin, for writing this post. Love your big ole heart for your new friends from Ecuador and for the people there who are hurting. You are a special young man who loves BIG and that is amazing!!

    Praying with you!

    P. S. Wanted to tell you that every since you and your sweet mom went to Ecuador, I've been praying for all the people y'all met there!! Your stories so touched my heart.