Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Monthly Menu {with links!}

Last week I did something I haven't done in a really long time. I planned my meals for an entire month! I know not everyone feels this way, but it was so relaxing to flip through my recipe binder and Pinterest board and think about FOOD.

Then I made up my grocery list for the first week, and got exactly what I needed. Calvin joined me. :) There was a time getting groceries by myself was a treat but I'm on the flip-side of that reality now. I either scramble to the store in a mad rush before the kids get home from school, or ideally, I take one of them with me on the weekend. I much prefer the second option. It's such a good opportunity to catch up and steal some one-on-one. All it costs me is a few randoms in my cart! (Ruby always asks for Fuego flavored Takis, Calvin asks for something odd like a pomegranate or Hawaiian bread, and Silas asks for EVERYTHING.)

The catalyst for all of this uber-organization is the fun PaperWorks set that found its way into my mailbox. This set shown was actually the February set, but I fell in love with it immediately! Flowers and stripes, little Bible verse cards (I keep one by my sink and end up reading it several times a day, which is awesome since I'm the worst at memorizing scripture.)

When it inspired me to plan ahead a little I knew it was something I wanted to share with you guys.

I'm really hoping I keep up with this menu planning magic. I feel that way every time I do it. It takes a little time up front, but then for the rest of the month I'm done. I know every day what we're eating that night (sometimes I flip stuff around, based on what I'm in the mood for.) We are also really trying to cut down on eating out because it's one area we feel like we tend to over-spend...and the experience almost never even ends up feeling like it was worth it.

So, here's to more dinners at home, fewer frantic Kroger runs, and inviting more people to the table!

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March Menu
1 - Sausage, Corn and Potato Chowder (small group)
2 - Balsamic pork chops and Brussels sprout salad (fyi, my brain always auto-corrects "salad" to "salsa")
3 - Snack Dinner
4 - Tex Mex breakfast casserole
5 - Crispy chicken thighs, crack broccoli, rosemary bread
6 - Anniversary dinner out! (Kids - lunchmeat, Pringles, fruit)
7 - Baked chicken & rice
8 - Tortellini soup (I prefer plain rotini noodles to cheese-filled tortellini) (small group)
9 - Left-overs
10 - Potluck chicken tetrazzini
11 - Egg McMuffin sandwiches
12 - Seared cod with artichoke relish and couscous
13 - Quinoa bowls with chicken tawook
14 - Lemon chicken orzo soup (church soup carry-in!)
15 - Butternut squash risotto and salad with white beans and apples
16 - Beef stir-fry with snap peas
17 - Chinese buffet - Calvin's bday!
18 - BBQ chicken pizza
19 - Wings, mac-n-cheese
20 - Pizza - out
21 - Taco soup (small group)
22 - Greek pork chops
23 - Vietnamese pork salad
24 - Left-overs
25 - Ohio
26 - Kentucky
27 - Kentucky
28 - Kentucky
29 - Chili chicken verde
30 - Slow-cooker chicken marbella with Mashed Potatoes

PS - How fun is the March set??? The whole paint-swatch theme is sort of brilliant.