Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flash Blizzard

On Tuesday night, I ran into Kroger with my friend Meg (my visitor for 3 whole days because THE LORD IS GOOD!) and as I grabbed a casual head of cabbage, I noticed my Kroger-bestie working much later hours than he usually keeps. "What are you doing here so late?" I inquired.

He muttered something about management and his eyes looked tired. Then he perked up a little, "You stocking up for the blizzard?"

What blizzard? The kids had played outside with the neighbors all afternoon, some without jackets! Wasn't it mere hours ago that they'd run in then back out with armfuls of junk treasure for a late-winter yard sale?

I ran home and stalked the Weather Channel, which, if you live in my house, is the half-channel that plays elevator music 24/7 with a static "weather map" rotated out with the 7-day forecast. Times are tough and the North is wild. I don't know what else to say, other than: it transfixes me.

When there's an impending weather "situation", as was the case on Tuesday night, there's also a ticker, or as my friend Sarah always accidentally says, a "tickler", at the bottom of the screen. Indeed, a rogue storm was barreling our way.

I was duly conflicted.

Because on the one hand, we haven't had a decent snow since November. Nary a school cancellation.
But on the other hand, Meg and I had big plans to drive to the city for Lebanese food on Wednesday in our yoga pants and knit hats while the kids were in school.

The good news is, the snow wasn't supposed to hit until late afternoon on Wednesday.
The bad news is, the weather men are usually wrong.

Our walk to school the following morning made me feel like I was braving the uncertain terrain of a mountainous frontier. Or something. It was snowing so hard, every picture I took was blurry. It was snowing so hard, it made some of us cry-talk. It was snowing so hard, I commiserated with the crossing guard. It was snowing. So hard.

Megan and I did what any sensible women would do and drank tea on the couch in our pajamas for half the day, contemplating birth control methods for 40-year olds. Then we drove to Panera because I had a gift card and hit up the thrift store.

All the while, it snowed.

The kids made it home. She met Robert (she hugged him for all of you, saying, "I love you because your mom loves you!" His response: "Wow, that was a good answer.") Silas entrapped her in an unending game of dry-erase Hangman. The unfolded laundry grew wrinklier. I tried to avoid looking at any mirrored surface. 

We ate tacos and salsa, we put the kids to bed, we watched Straight Outta Compton.

We woke up to an urban Narnia. Of course school was canceled.

So we took to the streets. It was the only right thing to do.
I snapped pictures with my phone. Calvin randomly decided to shovel the entire sidewalk all the way to the street. In shorts. Silas did Silas kinds of things in the snow. Rubes hoisted up her snow pants and made them look like a true fashion statement. They made a snowman with a real scarf and carrot, but I didn't get a picture.

I was busy.

Doing absolutely nothing.

"Hanging out" as the cool kids call it.

In the ultimate twist of cruel fate, after surviving the only storm of the season together, Meg'so flight was still scheduled on time out of Chicago, so I reluctantly drove her to the airport.

But not before screeching to a halt when we passed this Salvation Army in Chicago. I could tell she doubted my enthusiasm just a bit, but not after she found this gem hiding in a dusty stack of "art". We both nearly fainted over it. It's truly a painting from the Lord. I couldn't stop (lightly) touching its texturey paint. swoon

This morning, we were back to business as usual, with the addition of POPCORN DAY! I donned my PTO t-shirt, put on make-up, and even did my hair! When I waltzed in to the popcorn closet, my friend Jess sort of shouted, "Your hair looks so beautiful!" which is not something I hear every day. My hair was made for radio, if you know what I mean. And incidentally, my voice was made for print.

The point is, life persists in being unexpected and rad. They say tomorrow it's supposed to be up close to 50 again.

We'll see about that.

Working on
Eating (I recommend this with grilled sourdough + Muenster + pesto!)