Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Falling Free - Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted

So, here's a post I've been meaning to write for weeks. My post-holiday brain is processing it as IMPOSSIBLE. Problem is, my October brain basically sang the same tune and I didn't have crack bark or heart-pummeling Christmas hymns to blame back then.

But it's a new year, the house has cleared out, there's a fluffy coating of snow outside my window, and Emmanuel is just as with us as he was last month. It feels like the right time to launch my best, most epic freak-out.

Dearly beloveds, the "book" I've been talking about for the past year, with all of its "air quotes" undertones and its elusive, intangible, radness, is officially REAL.

It has a title, a swoony green cover, and my name on the front. (Not to mention the name of a little friend of mine OH MY WORD!)

Falling Free is my story of losing the exact life I'd been taught to want, the one I thought I had mostly achieved through my own chutzpah, pluck, and maybe a little God-enhanced luck.

It's my story of realizing how quietly yet catastrophically I'd flipped the Gospel in order to continue living in the pretty place of security and comfort I'd created for myself, where I didn't really live as though I needed Jesus in the details of my life, but was happy to have him all the same.

Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted is the very drumbeat of my soul, that in God's eternal kingdom where down is actually up, His more for us often looks like less.

I sat and wrote it all down, the pain, the relief, the rescue and the freedom. I pleaded for the courage to tell the truth about finding the life I was created for in the rubble of the one that had kindly been dismantled, beam by beam. It turns out, we weren't made to want what the world craves.

This is my back-alley redemption story,  and we continue to grow and fail. We over-complicate and default to pride. We commit the most cringe-worthy faux pas in the history of ever while standing in our kitchen trying so hard (too hard!) to "love" our neighbor. (< spoiler alert) But when we run hard toward the pain around us, we discover more of the foolish love of God, who owed us none of these unexpected gifts, but gave them anyway.

I believe in the sunniest place of my heart that this is a story each of us shares, whether we recognize it or not. Maybe we aren't as smart or capable as we think. Maybe rather than climbing and gaining and battening down the hatches, we should simply let go and tumble down to where life comes close to careening off the rails.

Imperfectly written, soaked in prayer like the hundreds of Earl Grey tea bags that fueled this work, my truest hope is that these words will glorify Him alone, and that somehow, you will be pointed toward the beauty of surrendering for his glory. The nearness to Christ in low places is so worth the fall.

{Me, hard-core editing in bed, with poor posture and a sick, sad little Siley the week before Christmas.}

And now I will type the weirdest sentence of my life so far: You can pre-order your copy of Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks. You don't pay until it's released (Sept. 2016) and sometimes pre-orders arrive a bit early. As my friend Emily says, "It's like giving your future self a gift!"

I'll be putting together a monthly insider-scoop email, complete with fun surprises (as in, some REALLLLLLLY cool stuff) and things I might feel more comfortable sharing within the circle of trust with My Truest People. (Coming from the girl who publicly extols Taco Bell in the face of organic kale "desserts" sprinkled with chia seeds, the implications of this should be both clear and noteworthy.)

To subscribe (you can choose to receive just my Super Scoop email or the email and my blog posts directly in your inbox) just type in your email address, click "Subscribe" (here in this post or on my sidebar) and Voila! We're official homies for life.

I've said it a million times and I'll go hoarse repeating myself: I owe so much of the grace along this journey to you, my faithful reader-friends. You cannot know how much I value you - your wisdom, your encouragement, your weirdness.

Thank you so much. I know this book is meant to please an audience of One, but I won't hate it at all if you love it a little, too.

Much love and bottomless salsa forever,

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