Friday, January 29, 2016

Around Town

I wrote a piece for (in)courage today about the one thing I'm doing this year that's making all the difference. I'm not going to mention what "said thing" is here, for fear that you're tired of me yammering about it.

What can I say? The muse has called to me and she's wearing snow boots and yoga pants!
(How's that for a hint??)

Just trust me, there's plenty more to be said on this.

"I never really noticed the early morning clouds until this year. I never thought about the positioning of the moon just before daybreak, or the way I’m comforted by smoke curling out of thin, silver chimneys.

In order to love my neighbors more, I first had to know them.

And often, the surest way to know someone is to share their place, to choose it for yourself and feel the quiet ways it sets roots to your restlessness."

You can read the rest, including a story about one of my favorite neighbors, right here.

{Tiny babies!!!}

I also recently got to chat with Jacey from The Influence Podcast about life, and particularly, what it looks like right now to be a more intentional neighbor. I've been on a few podcasts lately, but I love the way different things come out in each one.
Have a listen!

We made it to Friday, Party People.

I plan to celebrate by packing for tomorrow's trip to Ecuador and make green curry for dinner with authentic Kaffir lime leaves. The man at the Asian market pulled them out of his freezer with a flourish then asked with furrowed brow, "Do these really help?"

Stay tuned.