Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: I don't like sports either, but Jami's post about the KC Royals made me want to for a minute.

:: I was a guest on the Feathers podcast and our chat was so encouraging and fun.

:: I asked for soup ideas and you guys delivered! We had this Polish soup last night for dinner. YUM. (I added a clove of garlic and generous salt and pepper.)

:: We saw Avett Brothers in concert on Thurs. I'm partial to Joe Kwan, the cellist.

:: I discovered Sweet Harvest Pumpkin tea two days ago and I can't stop loving it. (It's caffeinated!)

:: I spoke at Allume last month and all sessions are now available on their site.

:: Out in the Wild by Amber Haines (at Art of Simple) lowered my blood pressure and gave me a taste of the country life I will always love. "I let my chickens out, and yesterday coyotes pitched howls straight to me from the tree line. It gives me shivers, but it’s a gift to be out in the wild."

:: We finally drank the Parenthood Kool-aid. (We watch on Netflix.) To be continued...

:: I keep making this exceptionally easy and delicious chocolate pudding.

:: The lovely Alia Joy bared told the hard truth about racism and loving our neighbor over at (in)courage. "We confuse unity and peace with uniformity and passivity. We stay clustered and similar, familiar and unchallenged."

:: This is an insightful article on white kids and integrated schools.

:: One of my favorite writers, DL Mayfield, wrote a piercing piece About Guns. "Sometimes it felt like everyone I knew had stared down the barrel of a gun."

:: I still like discovering "new" blogs. (Viva, blogs!!!!) I've intersected with Shannon Evans a few times, but really and truly discovered her writing with this post, and now I'm hooked. She speaks all my wonky languages.

Happy weekending, Homies!