Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: I don't like sports either, but Jami's post about the KC Royals made me want to for a minute.

:: I was a guest on the Feathers podcast and our chat was so encouraging and fun.

:: I asked for soup ideas and you guys delivered! We had this Polish soup last night for dinner. YUM. (I added a clove of garlic and generous salt and pepper.)

:: We saw Avett Brothers in concert on Thurs. I'm partial to Joe Kwan, the cellist.

:: I discovered Sweet Harvest Pumpkin tea two days ago and I can't stop loving it. (It's caffeinated!)

:: I spoke at Allume last month and all sessions are now available on their site.

:: Out in the Wild by Amber Haines (at Art of Simple) lowered my blood pressure and gave me a taste of the country life I will always love. "I let my chickens out, and yesterday coyotes pitched howls straight to me from the tree line. It gives me shivers, but it’s a gift to be out in the wild."

:: We finally drank the Parenthood Kool-aid. (We watch on Netflix.) To be continued...

:: I keep making this exceptionally easy and delicious chocolate pudding.

:: The lovely Alia Joy bared told the hard truth about racism and loving our neighbor over at (in)courage. "We confuse unity and peace with uniformity and passivity. We stay clustered and similar, familiar and unchallenged."

:: This is an insightful article on white kids and integrated schools.

:: One of my favorite writers, DL Mayfield, wrote a piercing piece About Guns. "Sometimes it felt like everyone I knew had stared down the barrel of a gun."

:: I still like discovering "new" blogs. (Viva, blogs!!!!) I've intersected with Shannon Evans a few times, but really and truly discovered her writing with this post, and now I'm hooked. She speaks all my wonky languages.

Happy weekending, Homies!


  1. I think my weekend is going to include Polish soup and pudding. Enjoy yours!

  2. Your link to the KC Royals article goes to the soup recipe.

  3. I just made this soup tonight and it was SPICY (I used thai green curry paste) but very yummy (and cheap to make). Hubby sweated like crazy and wished it had meat. Otherwise it was a hit.
    I just finished Parenthood - Jen Hatmaker made me want to and I'm glad I did. Hubby called it the "yelly show" - he didn't really watch it with me though. Loved how they wrote it though - I really enjoyed it.

  4. Five minutes after reading this post I was at the stove making the pudding. You're such a good influence on me, Farmgirl.

  5. Couldn't wait for it to cool down so I ate it hot!
    Farmgirl, you make my life worth living.

  6. I read the gun piece and I don't know what the point is, but it is quite obvious to me that the guns are not the issue in any of the cases she quoted. The people are. I have carried for years and never needed one, but when I do, I hope to use it for good. If you have never had life rescued because of a gun tucked into someone's pocket, purse, or closet, then you might think anyone who thinks our Second Amendment is to be upheld, is bad. But I know, from experience, that the Second Amendment saves lives as well. If you want proof, go look at the bodies piled up now, reduced to a pile of bleached bones in Cambodia...and elsewhere where citizens were disarmed 'for their own good'.

  7. I watch Joe Kwan and always hope he has a good chiropractor! :-) Interested to know if you like Parenthhod over the long haul. We really enjoyed the first few seasons, but then for us it went "south". We did, however, rally and watch the finale and that was GREAT! And DL Mayfield? LOVE......

    Happy Sunday!

  8. A FPFG shout-out! Day made. And I love that you latched on to such a mundane post. love.

    Also: give me all the DL Mayfield, forever and ever.

  9. Shannan you will NOT regret jumping on the Parenthood bandwagon. I am not even a parent and it made me feel all the feels and weep to my core most every episode. It's just real life. Please tell us what you think of it!!!


  10. I LOVE JOE KWON. I also really love the Avett Brothers. My favorite band ever. I'm partial to Bob Crawford, the bassist. Bobby C, as I call him.

  11. Loved the interview! Can't wait for your book!