Saturday, November 14, 2015

Go-To Fall Outfits

I've had this post sitting in my archives for, oh, two months.
I'm in a strange place right now of feeling conflicted (again!) about my clothes and my closet and blah, blah, blah.

It's a lot to sort through, and as luck would have it, you'll eventually be stuck shouldering half of my philosophical burden.

The good news is, that day is not today.

The bad news is, I'm showing you what I wear in early-fall, and it's almost winter.

I can't stop loving old man sweaters from Goodwill.

This one is a true Mr. Rogers cardi, and I'm not just saying that because I'm trying to glom onto his ultra-cool factor.

It's sort-of-scratchy wool, super warm, and the color of, uh, the 1960's.

Remember when I traveled to Ethiopia two years ago with Mocha Club and fashionABLE?

They're still some of my favorite people, and this is the time of year when I normally start twisting their scarves around my scrawny neck.

But they've also recently created a new jewelry line, created by woman overcoming addiction in the Nashville area. This is an early version of their Austin necklace, and I adore it.

(They've also got a new line of entirely customizABLE jewelry that is gorge.)

Jeans and T's.
I'm making peace with it these days.

Layers, yes. Some pattern? Sometimes.

But mostly, I just want comfort, man.
I find myself not wanting to think too much about what I wear these days.

Give me something soft and easy.
I'm basically reverting back to infancy.

Except for the wrinkles.

Both pairs of these jeans were bought online at LOFT, on clearance. They have good jeans. And great sales. I order a whole bunch, try them all on, and return most of them at the mall. They don't even seem to hate me when I do this! I think it's an actual thing!

As far as shoes go, I'm the worst.
I don't care about shoes. I can't make myself be normal in this way.

90% of the time I'm wearing either my Single Hottest Boots This Year or my Converse.

I'll be honest and say they're feeling a bit snug lately, which totally disproves the whole "pregnancy makes your feet grow" theory. I think it's just boring old age that does it. It's years upon decades of our feet hitting the ground.

Over and over.

It's like when you pound a chicken breast flat only not at all and what on earth am I talking about? And why do you keep coming back?

The rest of the post was pulled from the archives, a throwback of past fall attire, if you will.

I don't know what it is, but I love seeing what other people wear.
And what they eat.
And read.
And how many throw pillows on the couch they find to be an acceptable number.

I rock a real "Tell me everything" vibe.

And since I should be getting groceries right now, heck, I'll provide a little commentary. Time mismanagement is one of my spiritual gifts, and senseless yammering is another.

Okay, I wore this three years ago to Cory's work Christmas party. (Same shirt I wore in our latest family pics!) I didn't put much thought into it, because I usually don't like going to parties and only get dressed when Cory's voice starts reaching a certain pitch.

Once I was dressed, I mean, I liked it. It worked. So I had him take a picture in our BDR pink-tiled bathroom. And as one does, I put it on the blog.

All I can say in summary is this: people liked this look. It was pinned a bunch of times, only the photo on Pinterest looks a million times worse than this one. I couldn't be bothered back then to correct the white balance. I was busy trying not to lose my mind as I "potty-trained" Silas.


This was from back when we lived on the farm and I still wear that TJ Maxx sweatshirt-thing ALL the time. The cords are currently in my closet. The purple T was recently discarded, due to holes in the elbows.

I like to layer.
I've had this skirt for maybe 10 years or more. I call it my horse blanket skirt.

I doubt if it still fits me... sob.

If you ever see me speak, there's a very good chance I'll be wearing this gingham shirt.
It's my adult security blanket.

Jeans & T's for Life!!!

And scarves!

Do you know about Sevenly T's?
I could wind up with a real "issue" over there, if I let myself. So good.

I bought this dress on a whim, wore it once, then realized I was too old for it and it made me feel like a guy in a mullet still wearing his high school class ring.

I'm trying not to do that anymore.

But that sweater is still my bestie. I wore it just yesterday.

Speaking of mullets*...

I feel like maybe we don't change that much over time.
We like to think we do, but when it comes down to it, I'm still a bookish, nerdy girl with sticking-out ears, flat hair, and a penchant for layering unlikely combos.

This was one of my most memorable outfits EVER, bought brand new from the JC Penney catalog. It made me feel like the luckiest girl in all the Miami Valley area, and I think that shows in my confident posture and level gaze.

I'm ready to let go of the snap-up mock turtleneck, but holy cow, that plaid.

*I'm aware that it looks like I have an actual mullet in this picture. In fact, it's just styled to look like a mullet. Obvs. Cory still doesn't believe me, but you'll have to take my word for it.