Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Simple Fall Decorating

Over the weekend I stripped the living room, just like Nester did. I liked the idea of taking everything away and then adding back in, selectively.

The only problem with that plan is that I haven't gotten around to the adding back in part. I'm sort of just enjoying all of the bare surfaces, and these things take a level of time and thoughtfulness I seem to have misplaced.

Maybe next week? Week after?
Maybe bare is the new Fall? Just-moved-in-chic?

I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I put together a post over at the Midwest Living blog sharing some of my favorite, simple, fall decorating tips. I definitely gravitate toward a fall decor that isn't overly-decorated or overly-Fall. It's fun to cozy things up and I love bringing small bits of nature inside, but whatever I do, I like it to stretch through Thanksgiving, and I never want to spend much cash (if any.)

I've also realized (this took me much longer than it should have, in hindsight) that I only decorate our living room. Ever. This might be why I do it so often. It's a very small space within a very small main level, and with our floor plan as open as it is, it easily sets the tone for the entire area.

Do you decorate as the seasons change?
Or do you think I'm nuts?

Don't answer that.

On another note, I recently finished two books, both worth sharing.

Wonder - R.J. Palacio
Calvin read this last year and has been asking me to read it. I finally picked it up and am so glad I did. It's the story of a 5th grade boy with a severe facial deformity and all the despair and triumph that ends up shaping his life. It's heart-breaking at turns, and there were a few lines here and there I felt weren't necessary in a book geared toward pre-middle-schoolers, but overall, I was glad he read it and that he shared it with me.

The Long and Faraway Gone - Lou Berney
I picked this up on the New Release shelf at the library a couple weeks ago, and I still have no clue why, other than I liked the title and its font. It goes against everything I typically read: It's a mystery, written by a man. Closing in on the due date, I grabbed it late Thursday night to flip through it, not sure I'd even commit. It grabbed me immediately, and I finished the entire thing over the course of the next (busy!) 72 hours. Though quite gritty in parts, it turns out I love a good who-dunnit. It's like Dateline Mystery, but without the creepy voice-overs!

That's all for now, homies. I know I've been a bit scarce around here, and I miss you!
Every day, I think of ten things each day I want to share with you, so just know you're never far from my  heart. :)

I'm in the home-strech and getting excited to share more with you about what's been keeping me away!

Happiest Tuesday,

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  1. I am still just trying to get our new digs decorated! Fall decorating will most likely NOT happen! :-)

    I read Wonder a couple of months ago and really like it!

    Just finished reading "Down, Dark, Deep" about the Chilean miners trapped for 69 days. It was an amazing and yet sad read about the human spirit. BUT, I did enjoy it and am glad I read it!

    1. I feel claustrophobic just reading your description of it!

  2. My husband recently painted our kitchen/den (it is one long, narrow room- envision a bowling alley) and our foyer. We have lived at our house for over 10 years and we have never painted either of the rooms.... Actually the only things we even hung on the walls were where holes already existed. You can see we have not had room decor high on our list of priorities. So now we have nothing on the walls- we have EVERYTHING piled up on the dining room table, but nothing on the walls. I want to live with nothing on the walls for a while. I want to wait and find the beautiful painting I have heard so much about from my husband's grandfather's house that is somewhere in storage, for example. I want to only put things on the walls that fill me with joy- really important things. So we are living with bare walls right now and I have to say I actually love it. There is so much busyness and chaos in our lives and at times in our home that I find the lack of wall stuff pretty calming. Because I love the bareness so much, the things that make it back up on the walls are going to have to be pretty awesome. ~Just so you know.... I love your style!

    1. Yes! I SO get this! I love your outlook. Make it COUNT, sister!

  3. My friend is an awesome school librarian. She recommended we read Wonder, but also use this blog to accompany our reading. As you know many references were made in the book that us older peeps totally understood. It was a trip down memory lane. But I knew my boy wasn't on that trip with me. This blogger knew that too and compiled videos, pictures and explanations so that kids could understand what the author was talking about. So much fun. It's also fun to read after the book. Enjoy. http://mrwreads.blogspot.com/search/label/Wonder

  4. LOVE Wonder!!!! It's a book every middle schooler should read and every parent of middle schooler should read. My new favorite that my seventh graders are reading is Counting by 7s by HOlly Goldberg Sloan. It's wonderful. Give it a read!

    1. Girl, I read Counting by 7's on vacation in June. I ADORED it. One of my favorites in a very long time.

    2. I REALLY enjoyed Counting by 7s as well and recommended it to my college aged niece! :-)

  5. At the risk of sounding like an off-brand cologne bottle, "if you like Wonder, you'll LOVE Candymakers by Wendy Maas." I read it aloud to my third grader two years ago and we could not put it down. She has since reread it four times and we recommend it to any kid in mid elementary through junior high. Also their parents. 😉

    1. Picking this up at the library today! THANKS!

  6. Read: We Are Called to Rise, Laura McBride
    Slayed me.