Thursday, September 3, 2015

Home is Where You Find Yourself

It's Thursday, and I'm drowning.

That's the word that keeps coming to mind when people ask how I'm doing lately. "Well, I'm drowning." It's so dramatic. Yeesh.

I spent Tuesday on the immediate verge of crying and puking, and, as you unfortunately already know, I am not a puker. I'm all keyed up, and it's deeper and wider and much more related to my soul than my word-count. It makes me feel needy; like I need a massage and an afghan and maybe for Silas to say something to me like, "You're just so cute and chunky. I can't believe you're my mom! I never knew you would be so cute and special!" (Editor's note: I've been using the words "cute" and "chunky" interchangeably to describe my nephew and it's causing some...confusion.)

In the midst of all this ridiculous drama, I made a curious choice, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I invited some friends over for tea this morning.
They're coming in and I'm not hiding all the piles. Nope. Not doing it.

It's a come-as-you-are (non) event, a bring-your-littles respite, because I'm busy and they're busy and we're all just way too maxed out to not sit and spill crumbs on the couch for a while. With any luck, someone will spill their tea.

When life gets too big or too tight, I need to throw open my doors and feel the settling of acceptance in my cute, chunky bones.

My home always returns me to myself, and never more so than when I share it with others.
There's a good chance you feel the same way.

My friend Jeanne Oliver is hosting a new online class called Art of Home: modern simple living and you're just going to love it. It's the perfect companion to the slow arrival of Fall and a giant mug of something warm.

"When we can embrace our handmade home and see the beauty in the little things then our homemaking becomes art.  It is not perfect and the beauty is actually in embracing the imperfection." - Jeanne Oliver

Art of Home | Modern Simple Living will be about some of the lost arts of caring for our home and family. Each week will contain step by step videos with decorating, cooking, gardening, entertaining, housekeeping and more.

This four week course is your favorite home and cooking magazines come to life!
The early registration price for this four week online course is $64.95  This course will begin on September 15, 2015 and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos.

Week One
The Art of Farm to Table
This week is all about gardening, cooking and preserving food.

Week Two
The Art of Gathering
This week is all about opening your home and creating a space where people feel loved and special.

Week Three
The Art of Domestic Moxie
This week is all about creative and fun ways to keep your home.

Week Four
The Art of Reclaimed Style
This week is all about using what you have and finding new uses for found objects.

Sounds fun, right? You can register for Art of Home right here!

As for me, I have muffins to bake.
With any luck, I'll burn the edges a little.