Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekend Cheer-Ups

::  Because youth group was awesome, but it left me with some bad theology.

::  Strawberries + shortbread (eat like it's summer whilst fancying yourself a Brit.)

::  So many tomatoes, so little time.

::  I'm trying harder to see people.

::  And not just with my eyes, but with my oversized ears.

::  500 sq ft of San Fran style.

::  How many times can I mention Taylor Swift? (This makes five or six...but there's still time.)

::  It's time to think about the bathroom.

::  While we're already in there...

::  I've now watched this thrice, and it's always funny. 

::  I'm speaking at Allume this October in SC! Some of my favorite ladies will be there. You can get a ticket here

Get dirty. Get some sleep. Do whatever needs doing.
Happy Weekend, Homies.

1 comment:

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