Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Simply Tuesday

Five years and three months ago, I was living in the cutest farmhouse imaginable, and my oldest child was a half-day kindergartner. We'd brought Silas home just a couple months before and those days were so hard. The nights even harder.

I was where many of you are right now, in the thick of parenting toddlers, pre-schoolers, and kids who don't seem nearly tall enough to shuttle onto a school bus. I honestly don't know how we spent up all those hours that stacked up to days/months/years. If memory serves me, there was quite a bit of finger painting, and we would have fainted dead away without our tall stacks of library books. (PBS cartoons also deserve a shout-out, along with Cheez-It crackers, and whatever fruit happened to be on sale that week.)

During that season, my loftiest goal was to get Ruby and Silas to nap at the same time, while Calvin was at school. It hardly ever happened, but when it did, I could feel my sanity mending just a bit. Sometimes, I would grab my camera in that quiet hour and head outside. My blog was quietly teaching me to recognize my life as an actual gift, not something to be endured, but something to be savored; something worth enjoying, and even honoring.

Early on, my online path intersected with a woman named Emily Freeman, and I've grown more thankful for her every year since. She taught so many of us to treasure the ordinary. She shared that Tuesday was her favorite day of the week, so unencumbered by the expectations of the others. We gathered at her blog each week to unwrap whatever life was handing us and hold it up to the light.

Often, I would take stock of my Tuesday and realize it was just as un-newsworthy as the last, which was precisely the point. And so I wrote.

Five years and three months ago, my life was wrapped up in laundry, stuffy noses, sidewalk chalk, and rain. With a grateful heart set on noticing, the air in the room began to change. This is the life I chose. This is the life chosen for me. 

"When I think of where to find 'the kingdom of God in our midst,' Tuesday comes to mind. This is the day of the week housing the regular, the ordinary, the plain, and the small." - Simply Tuesday
Five years later, just last month, Emily opened the doors of her home and led me in. I hugged her people, ate lunch at her table, talked for hours about everything and nothing. It was easy and perfect, and I knew for sure that the biggest and best hospitality is always our most ordinary offering and our purest self. It was Wednesday when I showed up and Thursday when I left, but I'm beginning to learn that any day can carry a Tuesday state of mind. She will never stop teaching me about the secrets of the slow-down life.

Today is release day for Emily's book Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. For years we've welcomed small moments together, and I've been waiting for this book. I'm holding it in my hot claw hands right now, and it's positively stunning. Her gorgeous words always sink me into a place of receiving truth and rest. She's one of my favorite writers on the planet, with a mind that works like some kind of a funny, wise, Yoda word ninja. (I honestly don't know how she does it.)

You and I, we're weary of "big" and "should" and "fast" and "hustle". We're ready to take it down a few notches, and walk the Tuesday way.

"What if, instead of thinking we have to choose between our ordinary life and an extraordinary life, we began to realize they're the same thing?" - Simply Tuesday

Buy your copy of Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman here.
And for practical ways to create place for your soul to breathe, you can sign up for Emily's free video series here.


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