Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How To Twirl on a Regular Day

I always, always want to buy dresses.

Long dresses, shorter dresses. I want dresses that zip all the way up my back and maxi dresses that drag the floor. Sometimes, I lose my way and want dresses that can only be dry-cleaned or that require a strapless bra, the evil stepsister of the constricting undergarment family.

I honestly can't make sense of it.

I've learned to curb this quiet impulse because I don't have many occasions that warrant getting dressed up. For someone who feels over-dressed in anything not-knit, a simple dress can make me feel like that person who misinterpreted the dress code. I see you savvy ladies in your weekday dresses and your real shoes and crisp wovens, and it makes me feel some type of way. As Tay would say, you're cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers.

Basically, give me a grey t-shirt, or give me death.

(Too much?)

Fine. Give me a loose, hip-length knit and don't ask me to do my hair. I'll love you forever.

But sometimes? A kelly green dress sure is nice.

After staring at it in my closet for most of the summer, waiting for the perfect opportunity to don the dang frock, I grabbed it in a rush on a Sunday morning and Silas zipped me up the back.

My hair was sub-par, and I didn't have it in me to switch bags. Then again, stripes work with everything, and who needs good hair when you're swathed in lace?

I threw on my circa-2005 Payless Coach-knock-off sandals and walked the alley to church in a beautiful dress like it's a thing I do in life.

We showed up to church three minutes late, per usual. On the off-chance that I was going to a hoedown in a tuxedo, I sat next to this little guy, the perpetual ying to all my yanging.

Moral of the story: Some ordinary days are made for a skirt that twirls a little when you walk. If you don't believe me, just ask Ruby, who is currently trucking through her fourth day of third grade in a full-on twirly dress covered in birds.

I'm no Ruby, and I certainly don't have Ruby hair (sob!) but I want to be more familiar with the side of me that believes I wasn't made for pretty dresses on a regular afternoon.

Feeling twirly yourself? You'll be blown away by Shabby Apple. When they offered me one of their dresses it took me multiple hours to decide which one I wanted because I wanted, oh, 18-20 of them.

Their sale items are up to 50% off and they're offering FPFG readers free shipping on all dresses with the code FROCKS at check-out. 

Are you a dress-wearing kind of lady? Have any funny dress-related stories for me?
I'm all ears.