Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How To Twirl on a Regular Day

I always, always want to buy dresses.

Long dresses, shorter dresses. I want dresses that zip all the way up my back and maxi dresses that drag the floor. Sometimes, I lose my way and want dresses that can only be dry-cleaned or that require a strapless bra, the evil stepsister of the constricting undergarment family.

I honestly can't make sense of it.

I've learned to curb this quiet impulse because I don't have many occasions that warrant getting dressed up. For someone who feels over-dressed in anything not-knit, a simple dress can make me feel like that person who misinterpreted the dress code. I see you savvy ladies in your weekday dresses and your real shoes and crisp wovens, and it makes me feel some type of way. As Tay would say, you're cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers.

Basically, give me a grey t-shirt, or give me death.

(Too much?)

Fine. Give me a loose, hip-length knit and don't ask me to do my hair. I'll love you forever.

But sometimes? A kelly green dress sure is nice.

After staring at it in my closet for most of the summer, waiting for the perfect opportunity to don the dang frock, I grabbed it in a rush on a Sunday morning and Silas zipped me up the back.

My hair was sub-par, and I didn't have it in me to switch bags. Then again, stripes work with everything, and who needs good hair when you're swathed in lace?

I threw on my circa-2005 Payless Coach-knock-off sandals and walked the alley to church in a beautiful dress like it's a thing I do in life.

We showed up to church three minutes late, per usual. On the off-chance that I was going to a hoedown in a tuxedo, I sat next to this little guy, the perpetual ying to all my yanging.

Moral of the story: Some ordinary days are made for a skirt that twirls a little when you walk. If you don't believe me, just ask Ruby, who is currently trucking through her fourth day of third grade in a full-on twirly dress covered in birds.

I'm no Ruby, and I certainly don't have Ruby hair (sob!) but I want to be more familiar with the side of me that believes I wasn't made for pretty dresses on a regular afternoon.

Feeling twirly yourself? You'll be blown away by Shabby Apple. When they offered me one of their dresses it took me multiple hours to decide which one I wanted because I wanted, oh, 18-20 of them.

Their sale items are up to 50% off and they're offering FPFG readers free shipping on all dresses with the code FROCKS at check-out. 

Are you a dress-wearing kind of lady? Have any funny dress-related stories for me?
I'm all ears.



  1. I love dresses and wear them almost daily. I find most at TJMaxx. I say life is short - wear a dress and for goodness sake - twirl!

  2. when i was about 15 years younger, i went through a summer where my wardrobe rotated mostly between three, one-piece sleeveless skort outfits. they were super comfortable and i felt as though i looked a bit more "put together" than i did in shorts and t-shirts.

    fast forward about a decade, when three dresses caught my eye at Eddie Bauer. i bought them and rotated them. i felt more feminine throughout the sweaty hot days of that Southern summer. they're in my closet and i wear them still. i wish they made me feel hip, but they make me feel pretty.

  3. Way back in the day I had a corporate job where I wore dresses every day. One of my favorites was a pale blue dress with white eyelet trim and it crossed over in the front making a V and tied at the waist. Oh I knew I was looking good in this dress but when the
    checkout boy at the grocery store was REALLY checking me out I looked down and to my horror one of my boobs had somehow popped out of the V! EEEEK!! He leaned forward with my grocery bag and said "you have a good day ma'am" with the cheesiest grin you have ever seen.............I couldn't get out of there quick enough. Needless to say.....I think my husband threw that dress away...lol.

  4. I always want to wear dresses too! Manage it about 5 days a year though. Your dress is stunning on you 💜

  5. I always want to wear dresses too! Manage it about 5 days a year though. Your dress is stunning on you 💜

  6. I don't a like a dress that has to be ironed. I love heals... on other people.

  7. Sooooo.....you want a good dress story, huh?!? Here you go.....it was a Sunday morning...I was feeling pretty in my crisp light weight twirly dress with a built in slip. We all were off to church, the hubby, me and our two kiddos. My hubby dropped us off at our church's entrance. I got out of the car holding my Bible and purse and stuff in one hand and with the other reached to open the rear door to let my son out....then it happened....a huge.......excuse me....HUGE gust of wind decide to hit right then and lifted my pretty dress directly up so fast I barely had time to blush as I felt the heam touch the back of my neck. Good thing I had nude colored panties on. Yep looked like I was naked from the waist down right in front of church for a breif moment. The greeters standing near by kept it together, until they though I was out of ear shot, but I did hear they laugh as I held my head high and marched into church feeling a new sense of humility.
    It was funny....later.... I love dresses and will keep wearing them.

  8. Hope you chose the Cezanne dress cuz it's just too beautiful!!

  9. You totally can pull off a dress on a normal afternoon! You are one of the most fashionable people I know, you look gorgeous in this dress (as always!). :)

  10. You totally can pull off a dress on a normal afternoon! You are one of the most fashionable people I know, you look gorgeous in this dress (as always!). :)

  11. Girl, you want dress stories? I've got oodles of them, and yet they continue to be a favourite part of my wardrobe.

    A few years ago, a friend got married on top of an oceanside cliff. I knew it would be breezy, so I wore a fitted sheath dress. I was helping serve ice cream between the wedding and meal, and the wind was so intense that I had to have my backside to the ocean so no one could see my undies. Yep, in a straight dress. The wind was so intense, the dress started ripping at the seams. I was trying to hold my dress together, hold my dress down, and scoop ice cream for wedding guests - with a smile on my face. I got in the car and couldn't wait to go home, lol.

    That's just one of my stories. Oh, dresses, you cause so much drama… but you're the best.