Friday, August 7, 2015

Colorful Scandinavian

One of my most weirdly-treasured possessions are my volumes (volumeS!) of tear sheets from decorating magazines, spanning well over a decade. When the snow is piled up to my bosom, I can't think of a more relaxing "activity" than flipping through the books, editing out images that don't wow me anymore, and adding new pages to the mix.

Social media is doing its best to peg me as a ludite (hey, Pinterest!) but when I need direction or I'm feeling around in the black hole of my creative psyche for a little inspiration, I always go back to the hard copies. They're a scrapbook of my design quirks, minus the scalloped edges and alphabet stickers. They're a major win.


Even a die-hard such as myself is bound to wander. And though I don't use Instagram primarily for decorating tips, now and then I find an image that grabs me by the ears and screams my name. When that happens, I screenshot it for posterity.

I'm starting to feel a little itchy to switch some things around in my house. IT IS DEFINITELY A SICKNESS. From what I can tell, the only cure is more cowbell holes in my walls. And maybe a quick Ikea run.

I'm not completely sure where I'm headed, and there's only one room that can effectively be "decorated" in our little abode. But I'm picking up on a few themes, and honestly, some of them perplex me.

I appear to be drawn to both simplicity and chaos. I want to purge. I want to hoard.

 I clearly want a butterfly poster on my wall. (But WHY?)

I keep wanting color. And texture. And mood.
I want happy accidents and layers and momentos and personality.

And then I want it all to go away.

But only for a minute.

Colorful Scandinavian
{via Joss & Main}

Joss & Main calls my vibe Colorful Scandinavian, and I'm okay with that. I've always fancied myself theoretically trans-continental. (And it doesn't hurt that they featured my couch.)

Hey, raise your hand if you think I'm on a tight writing deadline!
Who wouldn't think this is the perfect opportunity to spend time I don't have contemplating the life-impact of throw pillows and gallery walls?

Nevermind. I'm off to bake a peach pie.

 And paint the exterior of the house.


  1. The only cure...more cowbell!
    I'll love you forever for that one reference.

    But back to decorating...Colorful Scandinavian sounds much better than the "why do you have weird posters and pictures taped to your wall like you're still a teenager?" quips I get (3 months 'til I hit 40 but who's counting!) Maybe if I frame them, it will look more "put together". hmmm...

  2. That is so smart to have saved all your favorite looks.

  3. Happy Accidents for ever!! I so feel you, I want to purge and hoard as well!! Scandinavian and a bit of BoHo seems to draw me in! I'm also getting inspired by plants!! I never water them but dang if I don't want em so badly!!! What is it with us women folk?

  4. Hi Shannan-- fun post! Loved your looks--so light and bright. I too have volumes of saved magazine decor pages --and I've been married and had a home since 1975 so it's a whole lot of pages (pre-Pinterest!). AND- I noticed the "All the Light We Cannot See" book on the coffee table in one photo-- have you seen that book yet? My favorite this year.