Friday, July 10, 2015


The temptation with "living" in cyberspace is to only present one's best, shiniest self. We all know the drill. We've experienced it on one side of the coin or the other. Yes, we can polish ourselves/homes/kids/personalities up, take that rag to the things that matter most and make them gleam like a new pair of kicks.

But I want connection. I want friendship and love, the thumping hearts and every shimmering filament tying me to you, there and back again.

I want what's real. I want you to take me as I am.

You already know I read books with bad words.
It's the same with shows and movies.
Some might not understand, and that's okay. I only answer to One.

When there's something in my life I choose to hide, I know I'm in trouble.

You guys, my internet besties, have become my secret accountability partners. If I'm not willing to blab something to you, then I probably don't need it in my life. That's been my litmus test now for years, and it's worked well for me. Until last week.

Last week, God spoke to me about something very specific. It should have been no surprise to me that it was something I'd opted to leave unsaid.

The experience opened my eyes again to the wonder and mystery of being in relationship with God, where His business is delighting in me, but He's also not afraid to call me on my crap.

Conviction is an uncomfortable gift. I wrote about it over at (in)courage. (click here to read)