Monday, June 8, 2015

What I'm Wearing This Summer

For some reason, Calvin slept in until 8:00 yesterday, which happens maybe once a year. To celebrate, Cory and I slept in until 9:15, ignoring repeated pleas for ridiculous things like breakfast and attention.

The air was so chilly and the bed was so warm. It didn't hurt one bit that Silas and Ruby were watching Holly Hobby's Christmas just two rooms over. I've never experienced Christmas carols in June as a gentle breeze and aggressive train horns blow through the window. It was magical.

Yada yada, we barefly had enough time to get out the door to church, as evidenced by my half-baked hair and lackluster make-up.

But let me back up.

Remember when I went rogue and only bought second-hand stuff for over six months? Well, it got a little nutty. I ended up with, um, several things I'll probably never wear. It turns out greed and discontentment know no price limit, and now I'm paying the price by having a bunch of stuff I either 1) don't understand or 2) plain hate.

At the very least, save it for a day I'm not PMSing.
Save yourselves! You've been warned, and if you're still weighing your risks, keep in mind that Calvin "accidentally" pushed a brand new watermelon out of the van earlier today when we were carrying in groceries.

The point is, of all the ways I've gotten it wrong, I somehow, "accidentally" did something really, really right.

It's called the midi skirt, and it happens to be en vogue this year.

More importantly, you can find them for dirt cheap at almost any thrift store and yes, they're mostly from the '80's, but who can argue with a bold floral or a classic polka dot? Are they high-waisted? Yes. Are waistlines creeping back up? Yes they are. Did that make you think of having a wedgie? Me, too.

But we're talking skirts, people. Waistlines be creepin'. It's fine.

Plus, most of them have pockets!!!!!!!!!!

(It can be tricky to figure out a shirt situation with a high-waisted skirt. But I remembered this pin and gave it a shot. I wanted to wear my gray v-neck, but it was dirty and church started in 15 minutes. Though none of this explains why no one had my back enough to tell me there was a leaf stem on my bosom when this photo was taken.)

I bought this skirt in the fall for $2.50 and it's my new favorite. My kids thought I looked like a waitress from the 1950's. #winning!

WARNING: I'm somewhere in the size 12 range when it comes to vintage midi skirts. Shop accordingly. Be empowered, like Marilyn Monroe!

Incidentally, the t-shirt is a Goodwill find. It's totally basic, but I wear it all the time because it has a long torso.

This necklace came from my church rummage sale for $1.00 and I know it's not real diamonds, but I always secretly think it could be.  It's just that they're really sparkly and also I run a constant screenplay in my mind where amazing and wonderful (and sometimes tragic) things almost happen.

The tote? 50 cents, last week.
But now I'm just bragging.

And it's seersucker, so hate me forever.

If it helps at all, my finger-toes are naked. Bless my heart.

Since  we're practically besties and on the topic of skirts, I have some undergarment wisdom to pass along.A friend clued me into the magic of Jockey skimmies, which are basically super stretchy, nude bike shorts you wear under a skirt so you don't get sweaty inner thighs or associated discomfort. Though the Amazon reviews are correct - they do fit true-to-size, I'm going to have to take issue with Rebekah's review, which states they look "very sexy" when worn "around the house" with a "camisole." The day is never that I will attempt to be sexy in nude bike shorts. I AM DYING LAUGHING RIGHT NOW. Oh, humans, you're so weird and hilarious!

Be honest, do you feel like you could get on board with this idea, or is this just a different version of the grandpa day-jammies??

I'm dying to know.