Monday, June 15, 2015


We're on the first-ever Martin family vacay, and you can't even imagine how geeked we all are. We've thrown caution to the wind and are allowing our kids to order pop at meals sometimes - and they don't even have to share!  (what.)

(Sidenote: We're not anti-pop, just total cheapskates.)

I've got a stack of books and my SPF 50.

I'm contemplating profound things and profoundly contemplating the beauty of lolling about and shirking most responsibilities.

I'm not sure what you have planned this week, but my agenda begins and ends with tossing all my cares to sea.

Be back soon, skaters!

PS - My most pressing question right now: AM I allergic to shellfish? My entire life, I wasn't. And then somewhere around 2002, I was. Maybe. So I've spent the past decade+ thinking I'm allergic, though I've never been able to resist swiping a shrimp when it's in my proximity, and I've never swelled up. Now, here I am, in the land of plenty, and I'm feeling a tad overconfident, but too scared to really chance it, because no one wants to be the mom with lips the size of her clawhands on the first-ever family vacation. At least there's the taco stand. ("There's always money in the banana stand.")

The end.


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  2. Haha! Growing up in a family of nine living on my Dad's small-town pastor's income, I TOTALLY get the pop thing. It was a BIG DEAL to get a glass of something other than water on the rare occasions we ate out, although sometimes we'd get two or three "large" sodas and split them (because family germs are okay). Even now that I'm an adult with my own paycheck, it still feels like such a splurge to get that glass of Coke to go with my meal. Happy vacation!

  3. Just keep Benadryl in your purse and don't eat too much the first time you try! It's best to be tested by a doctor but I probably would throw caution to the wind myself...

  4. Whoo Hoo!!!!

    VACATION!!! SO excited for y'all!! Loved the beach jumping up in the air pic!!

    Hope y'all have big fun!!!

    Will be excited to hear about it, homegirl!!

  5. Enjoy every minute, Martin family!

  6. Yea for vacation! we are going on our first ever vacation with our family of 5 next week :) and loving the fact that you just referenced Arrested Development...

  7. I've been a casual reader for a while now, but with the Arrested Development reference, you've just earned a fan for life. :-)

    1. So much comic gold in that show! (And a lot of just plain odd.) :)

  8. Hope you all have a wonderful time!!

  9. I had to chime in on the pop comment..... Totally us! We are lucky to eat out at all- if so, water all around. They charge SO much for pop!! And it's fre at Gma's . :D

  10. catching up on my blog reading, lady, and just had to say i love you even more for quoting arrested development.

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