Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vacation in Pictures

Warning: I'm about to test your limits on the acceptable number of photos in one post.
But to offset my, uh, extravagance, I'll keep my commentary brief.

You've heard that before.
I know, I know!

All I really need to say is this: Cory and I spent more time IN the actual ocean on the first day of this trip than we did during all three of our past trips (sans children) combined.

Oceans creep us out, okay?

And don't make me humiliate myself again by confessing that I can't swim.

The point is, vacationing with kids is pretty rad. It honestly could have gone either way. But we know things now, and the main thing we know is that we already want to go back.

I'll warn you, these photos will paint a fairly rosy view.
Just stay tuned for the next post, where I'll smack all our hineys back to reality.

"I'm proud of myself!"

The well-worn path from the pool to the condo.
(I got in the pool every single day. Who is Vacation Shannan???)

When you need to frame your world, just look up.

Makin' pancakes like ya do.

The atmosphere called in the big guns for us every single night.

(Related: next time I go somewhere beachy, remind me to only pack 1/10th of what I think I'll need.)

He be flingin'. Erryday.

This is how the kids felt every night at dinner when we were waiting for our food.

Art journals.
(Long Live god!)

Breakfast and lunch were in the condo every day.
Dinner was out. Except for when it was in-ish.

When you are Silas Park, the only option is to pick it up and sweep the street the whole way to Royal Scoop Ice Cream.

Also, when you are Silas Park, your mom will pack an empty mustard bottle in her suitcase for you because she adores every little thing about you, but especially the quirky way you "play".

From our balcony to the ocean. (heart eyes!)

I appreciated this rainbow confection up the way.

Bless it.

I "had" to chill out in a quiet condo a couple times while Silas slept off his residual vacation demi-rage.

My kids had trouble processing why I wanted to sit and read so much.
{Counting By 7's - READ THIS IMMEDIATELY! My fave of the year.}


"You can get up at 6:30 every day on vacation, but it's not what I choose to do." - Me

Lunch on Sanibel.

Fine Florida sand is Si's spirit animal. Or whatever.


Cory, in the ocean! Proof!

 Hours of this...

 ...inevitably lead to this.

Vacation was so good to us.

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  1. Gah! I love these pictures so much! Glad you all had a great time! Xoxo

  2. There is something soooo magical about family vacations.......I mean aside from the normal chaos that just naturally comes with vaca-ing with kids. But once you get past that, it's definitely magical! Such gorgeous pictures and girl, the pic of you on the beach reading?? Stunning, really! :) Btw - oceans creep me out too and lakes - ew!

  3. Sigh....lovely pics and vacation at the beach! SO happy for you....and ok, a little jealous too. BUT, our house is under contract (again!) and it looks like we'll be moving (finally!!!) library has that book and I just put it on hold. Thanks for the recommendation. I am currently reading "What Alice Forgot" and really enjoying it!

    1. I'm the only person left on the planet who hasn't read What Alice Forgot. I need to find it!

  4. Read Counting by 7's last week. SO good!

  5. Lovely pics. So glad you got some R&R and beautiful memories were made!

  6. Loved seeing y'all having such a great time!!

    SO glad you were able to have that lovely, beachy, family time!!

    I used to live near Sanibel and have vacationed there and at South Seas Island Resort (saw Cory's T shirt!!).

    Thanks for sharing all the pics with us!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. You got me at Counting by 7s. And happy accident that I read it since it wasn't even recommended by anyone that I remember. Yes, we should be proud. :D

    And welcome home! Yes, I know it's been days. But I just recently moved to Goshen and have been trying to work up the courage to comment. My sisters and friends and I are big fans, and now I feel like we're sorta almost neighbors. :)

    1. Goshen???! Wha?????
      Promise if you ever see me out and about you'll grab me!
      If you liked 7's, then I like you. ;)

  9. Girl! You can totally even add more photos to this post! I love them!

  10. Love all the photos...and Ruby's eyes! So beautiful. They are all growing up so fast!!

  11. i kept trying to hit "like" on your pictures!! ha ha ha!
    and dang girl you are so darn gorgeous! i am so glad you MADE IT through vacation to get what i meant by dreamy. and every time you go.. it gets even better... building those memories and their expectations of family time. it's so good. :)

  12. Lots of things: you pretty much only ever need a swim suit, a cover- up, and jammies on a beach vacay; you have some top - notch long reading legs; and please please come back. I'm so sad we missed each other!!
    Glad you loved your time so much. I treasure our family vacation time!

  13. Where is this place in Florida? Looks great. Would you recommend?

  14. I feel a bit like I had a vacation from looking at these pics! Other random thoughts:
    Was this Sanibel or somewhere else?
    There are some beautiful shots of Ruby in these.
    Empty mustard bottle packed = Mom the Bomb! (what we called our mom when she knew exactly what we needed)
    Good family pic! I can see the love :)
    My dad was a total morning grouch in everyday life (I can still hear him banging his spoon and muttering into his cereal bowl 37 years later). But he was quite possibly the most fun human being ever on vacation! Yay for getting to see different sides of our favorite people when we mix it up on vacation!

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