Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Kick-Off to Everything

 {neighborhood tire swing}

Yesterday was a doozy of a day, and I'm not just talking about the fact that I helped pop 300 bags of popcorn or that I tried roasting the cauliflower in wing sauce instead of olive oil. (YUM.)

Since the morning barefly inched out of the 50's, and because popcorn day is always-always-always on a Friday, I was confused all day, thinking it was an early-Fall Friday.

In fact, it was June first, the last day of school (can't compute! can't compute!) AND......
Robert was officially released from Home Detention!!!!

It's the beginning of everything, or that's certainly how it feels.

After 4 years of incarceration, Robert is (practically) a free man, and if you really want to celebrate with us, just send prayers tomorrow in lieu of salsa or cake. (I can't believe I just said that.) He has a job interview and all our fingers are crossed because it would be a much better situation.

As for me? Well. I'm my first couple of hours into our Summer Vacay. My mama is here, and the kids all camped out with her in the basement, staying up until after 9:30 (late for them) and waking at...6:20.

Help me, Rhondas.

My kids refuse to sleep in, especially the oldest.
But they also don't go to bed at 7 anymore. And they don't take naps.
And they're fighty.

All I can see from here is eight weeks of some realllllllly long days.

I wrote about what Summer means to me over at (in)courage, the freedom it finds us with, and why freedom can sometimes feel scary when all it should ever feel is light.
Click here to read more.

Viva Summer, Homies! I'm determined to rock it out, but I'll be honest, my resolve has already felt a little shaky today. :/


  1. I LONG for the days when my kids had summer vacation...I loved the laziness and the craziness that could be any given day...one's that were scheduled with lots of activities and ones where we lounged by the pool with nothing to do but float...AH, but those days are gone...one no longer lives at home but shares her home with her BEAU and the other who works during the day and hides away playing video games for most of the nights...I will relish following along as you enjoy these days of summer...and I will pray that your oldest finds his path...and I will think of you as I crack open the salsa jar!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Today is our last day. Middle School and High School....they've reached the SLEEP IN stage. Thank heavens!!!

    Our goal this summer is to cut down the crazy internet/screen time addiction.

    Giant prayers for Robert!!

  3. I'm on the other side of the fence...as a teacher, I'm excited for summer break, but then reality hits me in August! I'm still coming through Goshen July 13th? 14th? Not sure still, but if you haven't left for your trip, I'd still love to meet you!

  4. I am in fear of this Summer as well, I know without camp (filled up early) they are not going to do well without the routine that brings......and that means Mama is not going to do well either. :-( I guess God has a reason for this to happen so I will just go with it. Thanks for sharing your heart. ~Hugs~

  5. I always feel the same way on the first day of summer. And I think the kids panic a little too about how to fill their time. Seems like it takes about 10 days for them to realize that playing is funner than fighting, then someone will holler, "Anyone wanna play Monopoly?"

  6. I have stated this so much I should get a tape recorder and I do apologize. Still finding our footing after my sisters passing last June. I had a heart to heart with my kiddos age 22 and near 16 asked them about summer. They both said that something in our family is missing. The change to summer they miss is when we would go to her house and just hang out and then have a grill out. The kids would do the sprinkler or we would go and sit at the lake for hours. The just connecting and doing. This summer before my next big surgery we are just being 'doers'. Fire pit was made and installed by the son and we are gonna eat a lot of smores. We take day trips in Nebraska. Twice a week taking turns we pick out a small town in our state and go and do the silly things that make them unique. Old pioneer museum, walking a lake or running in a field. Whatever it takes just to DO together. They grow up so fast and the seasons change with or w/out the wind. I long for the days of sitting in the river watching my babies build sandcastles and float on noodles or catch tadpoles with a dollar store net. Now I take this season and just cherish the beautiful humans I have the privledge to call my children.

  7. you are sweating already and summer has barely begun :)

  8. Love summer! Praying for Robert he will let God take control of his life.

  9. "My kids refuse to sleep in, especially the oldest.
    But they also don't go to bed at 7 anymore. And they don't take naps.
    And they're fighty."
    I know this feeling!! Sleeping in should hit around 10/11. How old is Calvin? It should be just around the corner. . . . Now my two oldest will sleep past noon if I don't wake them up sooner!
    And as far as the "fighty" goes. . . all I can say is get them outside. For extended periods. The air changes them and makes them tired. Usually at the right time. Good luck!! :-)