Friday, June 26, 2015

Taylor and Arrows and Podcasts

It's Friday morning and the air is breezing through the windows in the very best way. Silas is up cleaning his office and blaring Taylor Swift's album because IT'S HIS JAM. He really loves "Picture to Burn", because it has the words "stupid" and "hate" in it. And I know it's wrong. I do. I should probably shut it down. The only problem is, sometimes things are stupid. Some things are kind of worth hating. Sometimes angsty kids need an appropriate channel to vent the stuff they spend all their time squashing. Who's to say Taylor isn't the answer?

(Sidenote: I have now blogged about Taylor Swift twice. Life is weird.)

 Poor Silas. He shuffled into our bedroom at 7:30 this morning in a full-on whine and I was all, " we go..." Then he said this, "I didn't get my money. The tooth fairy forgot. Again."

Again, people.


As in, it's officially a "theme".

We can't be trusted with stuff like this. We're great okay with big picture stuff, but details like this evade us. At least there's the clause that if the tooth fairy is "too busy" and "doesn't get around to all her stops", she leaves double the next night.

(BUT WE'RE STAYING WITH FRIENDS TONIGHT. If we can't remember in our own home, what hope do we have in unfamiliar surroundings??)

And we wonder why he's so obsessed with Taylor and that stupid. old. pick-up truck he never lets her drive.

Since we're on the subject, this morning Si asked, "Mom, does X-Box work with Samsung TVs?"

We have never owned a gaming system of any kind and if my life depended on it I couldn't have told you we had a Samsung TV. I feel like he's got a shipment coming in. He's made a few calls from his office. He's working a deal.

In other news, I shared photos of our quirky, summer-fun living room over at Midwest Living.

And...I recently spent an hour gabbing on the phone with my new friend, Jamie Ivey for her Happy Hour podcast. You can listen in right here.


It was so much fun to be a part of Happy Hour. I'm new to listening to podcasts, but hers was the first one I ever listened to and I've listened to tons of them now. She does such a good job, and it makes cleaning the basement or walking laps feel infinitely less mundane.

That's all for me.
What are you up to today?