Friday, May 15, 2015

What it Means to be Wanted

{Matt - released yesterday}

My life has become inextricably, intoxicatingly enmeshed with prisoners, women and men who have known a life without freedom, who understand what it means to claw towards the light. Though my relationships with them don't match the intensity of Cory's by half,  my worldview continues shifting and I see glimpses of life through the lenses of who they are (which is not much different from who I am.)

Picture me just a few years ago, a churchy girl who pretended to be good and did everything in my power to avoid hard places and busted-up lives. I had never set foot in a jail and had no intention of changing that. It wasn't on my radar. I saw inmates as criminals if I saw them at all, a different class of sinner than myself. I figured they were getting what they deserved.

And maybe some of them are.

But it doesn't change God's wild love for them, or the fact that He commands us to make them our family, just as Jesus did.

One of my favorite books this year helps make sense of my heart. The author, a jail chaplain, writes, "This was what I'd always wanted, the culmination of my pursuit through the night, the jail portal, crawling into padlocked trailers and into locked-down lives: that is, friends outside the church who can help me find the heavenly banquet, who will dream with me through the barriers that stand between this world and what is still possible, friends who want more than this world, who will accompany me through my own rebellion and despair and foul language, who will pray with me." - Wanted, by Chris Hoke

Cory hosted the first annual Elkhart County Jail Ministry banquet and debuted this video of one of his dear friends, James, who was recently sent to prison.

I'd like you to meet him, then I'd like you to go meet a James and love him with all the hot pursuit with which you love yourself. I'd like you to experience the piercing beauty of realizing James is you.

To those of you who know the pain and glory of loving broken people, I'm standing here with you, linking my arm to yours. To those who want to but haven't yet, come with us. You'll never be the same.

(And to my friend Katie, who emailed me the prayers her and her friends recently spoke over the inmates of the Elkhart County jail from hundreds of miles away, your kindness broke me in the best way.)

 Thank you all for being my family. Every day, we grow. We do it together.

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