Friday, May 8, 2015

The Good Story - A Giveaway

When I was a kid, I believed some unlucky suckers were called to be missionaries and the rest of us got to just be normal. (See what an entire lifetime of full-immersion evangelicalism can get you? Yeesh.)

In more recent years, God is shoving nudging us along the path of believing we're all created to be locked into a unique mission. Part of our mission included lowering our overhead so we could support friends doing other, more traditional kinds of mission. 

We're the body, right? It extends beyond the sermons we've all endured about spiritual gifts and why someone needs to staff the dang nursery. This is the good stuff, this interdependence that finds our talents, passions, and sacrifice being used to bolster the work of others toward the building of the kingdom.

My dear friend Kelly Portnoy and her husband Ryan are basically being creative-mission-geniuses and it's one of my favorite things to watch right now.

The two of them, gifted in the creative arts, are launching a ministry in which they provide full communication, technological and visual services (think story-telling photography, web design, secure email training, etc...) to cross-cultural missionaries across the globe.

Cory and I are just floored by this brilliance.
In their own words, "We believe missionaries could cut their pre-field support raising time in half if they were properly undergirded through the creative arts community to communicate their passions and initiatives with visually excellent and compelling materials." 

They are currently building a team of Ambassadors, in the visual arts and technology, interested in donating their skill (and time) to missionaries in their pre-field (think stateside) stage of support-raising. If you or someone you know is interested, please go to their Ambassador page and fill out the form!

Kelly and Ryan are making two upcoming working vision trips, the first to Slovenia.
One of the ways they are raising funds is through The Good Story Shop, where artist friends have partnered with them by donating really beautiful prints.
 They've generously provided FPFG readers with a 15% off discount code. Discount code is FPFG15 and expires on May 16th.
Last but not least, they are giving away one of their exclusive The Good Story t's!
In Kelly's words to me, "They're the super gorgeous, soft, buttery kind of t-shirts."

A super-soft, gray t-shirt?
Yes, please.

To enter to win the t-shirt, tell me something GOOD. Anything good. I'm particularly interested in what your dream ministry would look like, but you can also just tell me what you ate for breakfast as long as it was newsworthy. :)

(And to fill in any gaps, check out the video!)

If you'd like to follow the journey you can follow The Good Story on instagram at:  the_good_story  or on Facebook at