Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Washi Tape Front Entry Wall

Oh, green table, you have been so good to me.

I found you at a country auction house, and if I recall, I paid all of $7 for you. You were such an embarrassing shade of not-quite-mint-green. All you needed was a coat of paint and a fresh knob.

You were the first thing people saw when they walked through the door. GREEN TABLE!!!
You collected our keys. And lots of junk.

It's not that I don't love you anymore, it's just that you're kind of short. No offense.
I thought we could do this tall girl/short table sort of thing, but in the end, you're no sexy rock star and I'm no supermodel.

Also, I guess I was just getting kind of tired of you, but that just makes me sound like a player.

What I really wanted was to do something entirely different with that entire space. It's small, but impactful, or at least it could be. I wanted something functional (think more storage space) and something with a little Wow factor.

I wanted wallpaper.

I blame the desk nook, and you would do the same if it made you happy every single day.

I looked around, but wallpaper is expensive. And pretty permanent.
Since I found myself in this whole mess because of my fickle heart, it seemed like a risky combo. Plus, nothing I saw really knocked my boots off.

Then I spotted this stenciled wall in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I couldn't quit it. Couldn't stop thinking about it.
A few weeks later I lamented to one of my whip-smartest friends (she of Bruce Jenner Baby Jesus fame,) "The problem is, I want the reverse of this. I want the walls to stay white and the lines to be painted. But that seems like a nightmare to figure out."

She started back at me, speechless, but I've learned to read between the lines. As nicely and nonchalantly as she could muster, she replied, "Couldn't you just put washi tape on the white walls in that pattern?"

I swear, the clouds broke and the sun shone down on us.
It was like when Moses hit the rock with his staff and water came out, only salsa.

This is living proof that there's a good Kim behind every decent Shannan.

I found narrow, charcoal grey washi tape at Hobby Lobby. It took three rolls to complete the job.

Per usual, Cory did all the actual hard work. We sort of eyeballed our spacing, then he measured and taped everything off one Saturday evening while I tried on a bunch of my spring/summer clothes from last year and realized, for the first time ever, that something weird had overtaken my closet, because a lot of the jeans and pants didn't close properly. They fit just fine! Except if I wanted them zipped.

My next mission was to find something with storage to replace the green table.

{cue angel's singing in harmony}

I found this at my favorite thrift store. The price tag said $55, but luckily Marty doesn't ring up furniture, so I actually paid $55.

Hanging directly above it? That mirror.
You've never seen this kind of serendipity.

The mirror (it's plastic!) was marked $5, but I had a $5 off coupon, so it was free. Like, literally free, not "I accidentally stole a mirror" free. (Another story for another day, or for never.)

As you can see, I made quite a haul that day. Hate me forever.

That big black book was a history of the 20th Century, a birthday gift for my history-buff nephew. By God's good grace, I flipped through it at home and realized there was an entire section on the sexual revolution. So I tore those pages out. Then I scanned the index and promptly put it back in my donation bag. Basically, the MCC Thrift Store charged me $5 to censor a history book. Whatever. Related: What is actually wrong with Madonna???

Everything else came together from around the house.

That blue lamp became mine four years ago on a spring break trip to visit Cory's grandpa in Dunlap, Tennessee. I've never used it until now and it is everything.

My friend Becca took the picture of graffiti and sent it to me because she knows graffiti gives me the good vapors, especially when it says "Alan loves Mamie".

If you're wondering about the odd angles of these photos, it's because I was trying to avoid this situation.
(I'm very glamorous in my real life. I keep telling you.)

I thought I wanted different hardware, but this is speaking to me now. Reminds me of my childhood. And the edges are already perfectly distressed, in the actual way things end up distressed!

The drawers now house all our games, art supplies, and extra dishes and linens for entertaining.

And that's the story of how I traded in my green table for a rock star.

Happy April, Homies.

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(I may have a sickness. Goodbye forever.)