Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Remember those oldish-school Q&A survey thingies? I read one on Meg's blog a while back and thought it would be fun to do one here. I never get tired of reading these things. NEVAH!

Happy Wednesday, Party People!

Reading...Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders by Chris Hoke (Can't stop, won't stop. This is the best thing I've read in a while.)

Playing...Spot It (Question, do you let your kids win games when you play? I'm asking for a friend...)

Watching...Just wrapped season 3 of House of Cards. Season 2 went off the rails, but 3 was so good! Also, New Girl, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, and finally saw Rich Hill. Oh, and we rented the new Annie today on Redbox! Just as good the 2nd time. write a book (what. send salsa.)

Cooking...healthy chicken, rice and broccoli casserole. This was a slam dunk! I added cooked onions and garlic (duh) and used thawed, frozen broccoli because I had it on hand. All 7 of us approved, and that almost never happens. 

Eating...I can't even dignify this question with an answer.

 (it was ON SALE)

Drinking...I'm newly smitten by the Private Selections (aka "fancy" Kroger brand) White Tea

Calling...hopefully no one, ever.

Texting...Haven (always) and Robert (he likes emojis).

Pinning...ideas for our front yard sitting area. It's the new porch. (I tell myself.)

Tweeting...nonsense. Incidentally, this is my most popular tweet ever. Because life makes no sense.

Crafting...I haven't crafted much lately, though this was sort of like crafting.

Doing...everything I can to keep 4 kids content on a rainy, going-nowhere spring break. (Sidenote: entertaining a 2 year old girl AND a 10 year old boy at the same time is harder than splitting the atom. So I've heard.) Kansas later this week to speak at an adoption conference. My people!

Loving...Pharrell (heart eyes). I want Bob Goff to run for President with Jimmy Fallon as his running mate and Pharrell as Secretary of State.

Hating...eye doctor's offices with all the creepy eyeball "artwork". No bueno.

Discovering...I sleep better with 3mg of melatonin at bedtime.

Enjoying...nights when Avery sleeps straight through

Hoping (for)...June to come quickly. We're taking our kids on their first-ever vacation and we're all SO excited, but mostly Silas. We wrote a literal count-down on the calendar earlier this week. In a mere 87 days we'll be on the beach! :/

Celebrating...Spring? Supposedly???

Smelling...Mrs. Meyers Clean Day - Radish scent. I bought a bottle of the all-purpose spray at Target because it's TAX REFUND SEASON so let's buy a frivolous cleaning supply. I'm in complete amor! Can't stop spritzing. (And is it just me or do radishes actually smell nothing like this??) lucky stars for Cory. He is everything.

Considering...a capsule wardrobe for Spring. (Honestly, it's a long shot.)

Finishing...half a bag of Santitas per night, with help from Jailchap

Starting...A book club with two fun women I didn't know before we moved to town. At our first meeting we kept accidentally talking about The Bachelor and pre-schooler antics and I ate 3 bowls of salsa, but now I'm just beating a dead horse.

How about you???
Tell me everything.


  1. You're absolutely to funny!
    I'm sitting on the opposite end of where you are in life at the moment.
    My 2 kids have grown and are adults now.....(so I think) there are times they can be still needy as younger kids :)
    I'm sitting here with laptop on the dining room table, looking out at a dreary, rainy Michigan morning....
    quiet house....with small dog who snubbed his nose up at a milk bone treat (the healthy ones) I just gave him
    after doing his duties outside!
    It's Spring Break here in town.
    All of my good friends have gone to enjoy the South.
    I opted out as our big break will be to the N.C. Mountains in June.
    So I sit here like the 2 kids looking out the window in that Dr. Suess
    book wishing the Cat In The Hat with Thing 1 and 2 would drop in for
    some entertainment!
    Nope...they're will have to come up with some plans on my own!
    I need to knock out the small room upstairs and give it a total different theme...
    but don't have the energy or the foresight!
    Yup it's one of those kind of days!
    Would love to be in your neighborhood, drop by, and learn how to play that game..
    "Spot It"!
    Love your writings!
    Take care and wishing you a good and productive day!!!

    1. A quiet house!
      sighhhhhh :)
      Thanks for giving me all your scoop.
      Loved every word!

  2. Love these kind of posts! So I copied you :)

  3. I'm a fan of the meme and the melatonin. It's saving my life, or more accurately, the lives of the people who live with me;)

  4. First of all, you are funny!
    Secondly, you wanted to know everything, so here it is:
    Reading: Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly
    Playing: Guess Who? and Mancala lately. I used to let them win, but now they beat me fair and square.
    Watching: Good Witch (Hallmark)
    Trying: to get ready to run another 5K with my 11 year old
    Cooking: gluten free brownies are in the oven right now
    Eating: salads, brownies, Twizzlers. Last night I made curry shrimp (Pioneer Woman--LOVE her)
    Drinking: too much coffee (black--no milk or sugar)
    Calling: my grandmother & my parents (they don't text)
    Texting: everyone else
    Pinning/Tweeting/Crafting: NA
    Doing: laundry
    Going: to Washington DC next week
    Loving: Twizzlers, & EWTN (the Best of Journey Home & Life on the Rock series--newest obsession)
    Hating: going to the gym
    Discovering: I feel less tired when I eat less wheat & dairy
    Enjoying: how I feel after I run
    Hoping for: better weather to run outside
    Celebrating: Easter! my family!
    Smelling: brownies
    Thanking: God for the people in my life
    Considering: cleaning out the attic
    Finishing: quick spring clean out
    Starting: bible class again next week!

    1. Enjoy DC! Is it Cherry Blossom season?? Oh man, I miss that.
      And I could REALLY go for one of those brownies...

  5. oooh I would also like to have a front yard sitting area! Its on my list of to-dos. I'm not sure how to accomplish it though. mostly because if I say it out loud my husband would think it was weird and tell me not to do it, and if I just went ahead and top-secretly did it (cause thats my style) I don't think he would believe that "oh, maybe the neighbors thought we would like it" . and Wanted is on my stack. Glad to hear you like it--that makes it more likely to be the one I pick next. a couple of random answers...
    reading-- Small Things with Great Love by Margot Starbuck
    drinking--lots of coffee with vanilla caramel creamer from Aldi. And also popcorn. by the gigantic bag. oh wait, thats eating. oh well.
    texting/calling--NO ONE. which caused my grandparents to wonder if they could still come to Easter when I didn't respond to their RSVPs. I'm so bad at it..
    Playing--Guess Who (disney jr. version). Do I let them win? I dunno... maybe? mostly I try to stop all of the cheating. And the "I won, you lost, you are a loser!" talk.

    1. Another mom who has managed to properly teach her kids to play Guess Who?
      I LOVED that game as a kid...yet my people still get confused and put the wrong faces down.
      It's always funny though, when they make their guess and it's totally wrong! Surprise!! :)

  6. Looooooove. And now I'm gonna copy.

  7. This is such a cute thing! So many things I wanted to reply to:
    1. Yes, sometimes I let my kids win. Especially if it means Candy Land will end sometime this decade.
    2. I sooooooo love finding a recipe that the whole entire family loves - few and far between for sure!
    3. Yes, yes, yes! Entertaining a two year old and a ten year old IS as hard as splitting an atom!!! I KNOW this. All 4 of mine are each four years apart so a total of 12 years. It is SO hard to find things that entertain everyone. Which leads me to the next thing-
    4. The BEACH!!! It works for everyone!! So much to do in this neck of the woods!!! Eeep! Excited for you about your trip!! :-D

    1. Well, now you're just bragging about the beach...
      Also, Candy Land needs to just GO AWAY.
      Worst Mom Ever

  8. Love your presidential ticket! If only... And I am glad to hear about the Mrs Meyers Radish - I keep deciding to not buy it, because, while I like to eat radishes, they don't smell like anything really, so was on the fence about that product. Maybe I can sneak a sniff in Target, because money spent on a scent I don't enjoy is money wasted - I have a very sensitive nose!

  9. I love how you snuck in there -- "writing a book" -- right next to watching Kimmy Schmidt (which I love) and cooking broccoli. No biggie! Ha! We are so long overdue for a girls' night out. Let's call in the MNC ladies and get caught up!

  10. Thanks for letting us play, too!!
    Loved your list and am so excited that y’all are getting to go to the BEACH in June!!
    Here is my list…minus a few categories…
    Reading: Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker
    Watching: John Ortberg messages
    Trying: to work hard tomorrow so I can take Friday off
    Cooking: turkey burgers and spaghetti squash
    Eating: salads and Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls
    Drinking: discovered True Blueberry tea this winter, but now that it’s warming up, I probably won’t be drinking it as much, so I should have just said – “mostly water”
    Calling: my mom
    Texting: my kids and friends
    Crafting: thank you and birthday cards for some amazing kids in my life
    Doing: leading a discipleship group
    Going: to see Jen Hatmaker in Birmingham on Friday (which is why I want the day off)
    Loving: the warmer weather and my bright new yellow purse
    Hating: a mean professor who said not so nice things to a young friend
    Discovering: I need to just sit still more often than I have been doing
    Enjoying: having my daughter live with me while she’s going to college
    Hoping for: the LORD to provide a building for my church
    Celebrating: Easter!!!
    Thanking: the LORD for the people in my life
    Considering: staining the little walkway that leads from the kitchen to the back yard
    Finishing: Beth Moore’s Children of the Day study
    Starting: a prayer group at my church

    1. You lucky duck! Hatmaker? Tomorrow? Girl, have so much fun.

  11. Reading Maude, by Donna Foley Mabry. Kinda folksy, but then, so am I.
    Playing House.
    Watching the White Queen (but only when no one else in the family is around, because boobies).
    Trying to maintain a grip on my emotions.
    Cooking [fairly lean] patty melts.
    Eating Dairy Queen (remember those were LEAN patty melts).
    Drinking all the coffees.
    Calling my mother because she is moving.
    Texting my sisters because they get me.
    Pinning all my hopes on spring.
    Tweeting very little.
    Crafting Matchey-match Easter Outfits because I'm the mom and I said so.
    Doing the dishes. Blah to Infinity.
    Going on a train ride! It's the little stuff that excites me.
    Loving that I am everlastingly loved.
    Hating too much.
    Discovering that some issues are not so much resolved as on hiatus. [I am on vacation from my problems.]
    Enjoying your blog (of course!).
    Hoping (with fixed hope) that when I see Jesus, I will be like Him.
    Celebrating a great workout today (with patty melts and Dairy Queen. Yolo.)
    Smelling the baby chicks my husband brought indoors. (not cool).
    Thanking God for grace.
    Considering a realistic list for Spring Cleaning.
    Finishing this List!
    Starting those dishes (they won't go and do themselves. And more's the pity).

  12. I miss email surveys. I filled them out every time. They remind me of college.
    Reading: Scary Close by Donald Miller
    Playing: Kitchen with my youngest earlier today
    Watching; Interstellar last night (currently no TV since Parenthood ended and Downton is over till next year)
    Trying: to not worry about several unanswered questions I have on my mnd
    Cooking: Nothing today - fast food giftcards for the win on a sick day!
    Eating: Chick-fil-a (earlier)
    Drinking: sweet tea
    Calling: My grandma - she's about the only one I actually call on the phone the old way.
    Texting: everyone else b/c I hate the phone
    Pinning - anything related to Charlotte Mason education b/c I dream of starting a school
    Tweeting- not as much as I used to
    Crafting - I painted circles on construction paper with the boys yesterday, does that count?
    Doing: laundry. Always laundry
    Going to a local amusement park this summer b/c we were gifted passes. I love roller coasters. My husband, not so much.
    Loving: a small group of women I recently connected with over Kara Tippetts ebook on kindness (Big Love)
    Hating: feeling stuck
    Discovering I do better when I read more books and get online less
    Enjoying the quiet between the kids' bedtime and when my husband gets home from work
    Hoping for: my son - well both of my sons - to reach their full potential with their unique giftings and struggles etc.
    Celebrating - more words and less meltdowns for my youngest
    Smelling - kid shampoo - not as great as baby shampoo but a lovely reminder of their littleness all the same
    Thanking God for teaching me always
    Considering attempting to learn to run (again)
    Finishing only one box of Girl Scout cookies (the chocolate peanut butter kind, cold, with a tall glass of milk)
    Starting another season of PreK/K soccer for my oldest tomorrow.

    1. So sweet! Every word.
      As for amusement parks, I used to love all the wild rides.
      Now that I get carsick on very short, serene trips, I have to wonder???
      I am old. :)

  13. Currently...

    Sitting in the Denver International Airport awaiting take-off to go see my Goshen-turned-North-Carolina man!
    Painting my nail clear (it DOES make a difference)
    Loving that you brought back these old-school surveys...takes me back to the glory days of myspace.

    Also, this post has confirmed the notion to buy melatonin. Night owls unite! (But I need to change my ways).

    1. Those Goshen men! (heart eyes!!!)
      And I had totally forgotten about clear nail polish. Is that weird?

  14. YES YES YES on Bob Goff, Jimmy Fallon and Pharrell. They have my vote!
    I love these posts! But now I want chips and salsa and I am trying so good to eat non-chips and salsa kinds of foods. HELP!

    1. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot help you with this.
      I am eternally afflicted.

  15. Such a fun idea! Hope you don't mind if I share mine and join in. :)
    Reading: Murder Simply Brewed
    Playing: If I'm Not "gushing" over my new baby boy I'm playing Harvest Moon on the Wii
    Watching: Watched Big Hero 6 tonight! It was amazing!! Also watched My 600 Pound life tonight and Springtime for Hitler the original.
    Trying: to keep calm through this thunder storm...I have a fear of loud noises.
    Cooking: Guilty....I ate McDonald's tonight. A sweet tea and nuggets.
    Eating: I just ate a zone bar, dark chocolate almonds! So good.
    Drinking: Diet Coke
    Calling: No one. I hate talking on the phone.
    Texting: I texted my mother about tomorrow, getting our car windshield fixed.
    Pinning: What didn't I pin? I pin so much I lose count. I pinned some free things for my blog and to print. And some clothes.
    Tweeting: I tweeted as a way to enter a giveaway for a baby wrap.
    Crafting: I haven't really crafted lately. Last time I crafted was fall time when I made a burlap wreath.
    Doing: Made a blog post and now commenting on people's posts. Trying to make friends! :)
    Going: Nowhere really. Friday my hubby and I are going on a date alone for the first time in a month without our new baby. That's a lot now, even though it's a few minutes into town.
    Loving: The new noises my baby boy is making! His cooing is growing into real baby noises! And the Fisher Price swing-rocker we bought. I can put him down and finally get some things done.
    Hating: Being so tired all the time! Not having help at night for feeding. And that my hubby is working Saturday's because of tax season.
    Discovering: That I function best on my meds. They help clear my mind and focus on the chores and things I need to do.
    Enjoying: Blogging! Giving my baby boy a bath, afternoon naps with him on my chest. And Imagine Dragons new album!
    Hoping for: a great summer vacation. To finally get our house decorated and up to date. To lose some more weight.
    Celebrating: My hubby's birthday is today the 9th!
    Smelling: A pumpkin waffle candle from fall time from Bath and Body. And stinky diapers! lol.
    Thanking God that we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom! And for my rainbow baby boy. And for a mother who comes to watch him so I can get a break.
    Considering: getting back into yoga and writing a book.
    Finishing: The yummy Easter Bread my mother made for me.
    Starting: A new Anime was added to Netflix! Can't wait to start watching it.

    1. We just grabbed Big Hero 6 for a long car ride this weekend..with a FREE Redbox code! Win.

  16. Capsule wardrobe = best thing ever. Do it!

  17. can't wait to meet you and hear your heart this weekend!!!

  18. Reading...Your blog! I don't have time for a book, as much as it pains me.
    Playing...Dominoes was the last game I played. (no, I don't let my kids win at games)
    Watching...I rarely watch any TV anymore.
    Trying...To stay sane.
    Cooking...Jalapeno Popper Chicken, Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, Homemade Protein Bars...
    Eating...Everything and too much of it!
    Drinking...Mainly water. I'm so boring.
    Calling...Most of my phone time is spent at work calling patients.
    Texting...Family and Friends. Always and too much.
    Pinning...Simple wedding ideas, new recipe ideas.
    Tweeting...I don't tweet.
    Crafting...I don't craft. The most recent thing I've remotely "crafted" was when I was helping my daughter draw block letters for a school project.
    Doing...The mom thing. Laundry, cleaning, running around, cooking, yada, yada, yada.
    Going...To the chapel and I'm gonna get married!
    Loving...My family and friend's unending love, support and grace.
    Hating...All this rain.
    Discovering...How crazy life can be.
    Enjoying...Lindt dark chocolate bar 70% Cocoa.
    Hoping...That our upcoming house addition/remodel goes smoother than I think.
    Celebrating...Being able to get outside a little more.
    Smelling...The rain. (and the smell of the worms on the driveway it brings...gross)
    Thanking...God for bringing Ben into our lives. He's more patient, kind and laid back than I. Gives me something to strive for.
    Finishing...This quiz.
    Starting...The next chapter of my life.

    Love you and miss you, Shan! :)

      Your "Going". GAH!
      Love you so much.
      And I need that jalapeno popper chicken recipe.

  19. Reading - Dirty Faith by David Nowell.....I. Am. Captured.
    Playing - Nuttin', honey
    Watching - The Blacklist......James Spader slays me.
    Trying - to cut out all the ding dang processed foods.
    Cooking - Not much since our oven is out......for almost 3 weeks...........I won't be bitter..........just use crockpot.
    Eating - Blueberries, and of course, salsa
    Drinking - G2 (grape)
    Calling - My step-mom, twice weekly
    Texting - Zach (our oldest) and Kathi (my bestie, who just became a first time grandmother!!)
    Pinning - Aint nobody got time fo that.
    Tweeting - Non-tweeter.
    Crafting - All things scrapbook
    Doing - Loving on the beautiful girls at the Trilogy Center for Women. Makes one verklempt
    Going - Gulf Shores, AL in June
    Loving - Our faith community.
    Hating - Allergy snots.
    Discovering - God is not interested in ritual. And I think of myself too much. Word.
    Enjoying - *see Doing.
    Hoping (for) - A friend's complete recovery.
    Celebrating - Oldest boy completing Masters Degree in social work and landing first job with hospice. More verklemptedness.
    Smelling - Sweaty boy soccer socks.
    Thanking - My husband for not choking
    Considering - Riding my bicycle at least 3 times a week.......and rewarding myself with ice cream.
    Finishing - Said survey
    Starting - After lunch duties
    This was fun!!

    1. This was so fun!! Thanks for inviting us to respond. I really have enjoyed everyone’s responses.

      Reading... Radical: My Journey Out Of Islamist Extremism by Maajid Nawaz and Tom Bromley, and
      Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels
      Playing... Spider Solitaire and Free Cell (I might need an intervention on the free cell).
      Question, do you let your kids win games when you play? I'm asking for a friend:
      No, not a total “win”. I feel that the goal is to be good enough, strategic enough, to win at some point in the future and that is actually earned (…and learned, right? Isn’t that why we play games with them so they learn how to strategize and problem solve and see that some moves don’t go so well?) Why keep trying to get better if you can already win? But with that said, give them a good move every once in a while? Yes. Don’t always block them when you can? Definitely.
      Watching...I wish I could, if I had the time I would catch up on Downton Abbey. market my band to the local venues. It’s like courting, complete with wine and chocolate.
      Cooking… Getting healthier! Planning my garden. Getting a lot of recipe help from . They try to sell you on making a cook book, but you don’t have to. I don’t. But I like just browsing the recipes.
      Eating...When I am at home I do great but when I am out, not so much.
      Drinking...Coffee, lots of it.
      Calling...My mom every day, My friend in Maryland. My band mates.
      Texting...My Kids! I have one in Japan and the other in Florida. Texting is the best invention ever!
      Pinning...Nothing lately, I miss it, I will get back to it soon.
      Tweeting...I have an account, but I haven’t actually tweeted yet.
      Crafting...I used to scrapbook incessantly but with the kids gone my crafting has expanded to my house. I’m painting the walls, moving furniture around, redecorating.
      Doing... I’m taking an online class though Canvas Network and Missouri State University on the work and writing of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
      Going...Nothing planned, just dreaming for right now.
      Loving... My life and the people I have in it. That sounds like a pretty fluffy sentence but I had a rough few years with some toxic people and it feels great to be able to make that statement.
      Hating...remnants of the last two years as stated above…and worried about the drought.
      Discovering... How to truly relax and enjoy being happy.
      Enjoying... Reading Blogs! I have only really discovered this about a year ago. I have subscribed to a bunch at this point. Most of my friends and the people that I have been surrounded by in the physical realm have been men. They are all great people but they are not at all interested in anything girly so I don’t share it. So these Blogs are saving my sanity and I am getting so inspired!
      Hoping (for)...continued growth! I could get used to this.
      Celebrating...Easter and My mother’s Birthday.
      Smelling... Wet green grass, animals at the fairgrounds, roses and jasmine as I start walking again. (I’m in California)
      Thanking… God. I had no idea life could be so good or that I could be so happy. Even though I have none of the things or circumstances that I thought I needed to achieve that.
      Considering... It’s dress and shorts season here, I am thinking of trading in my razor for waxing. Not so sure which way I’m going to go on that. But at this point it’s painful either way.
      Finishing...Nothing, all the balls are in the air.
      Starting...To Breath.

    2. Beautiful!
      That Laura Ingalls Wilder thing blew my mind.
      Also, we sort of gave up on Blacklist but I'm starting to think we should've pushed through...

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  21. i do not have it in me to throw a game so my kids can win. i mean, it's possible i managed that type of chivalry when they were maybe two, but kindergarten and up it's every man/woman/child for him(her)self. (i can still beat the 10-and-under set, mostly. i regularly lose at EVERYTHING to my twelve year old, including checkers and two-handed euchre. holla for representing euchre in kenya!)

    if reincarnation were a thing, i'm coming back as a gnat.

  22. Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt . . . what can i say besides - Can't. Stop. Watching!!! This show has me cracking up so much. And HoC . . . Season 3 was over WAY TOO FAST! Have you watched Bloodline?