Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Remember those oldish-school Q&A survey thingies? I read one on Meg's blog a while back and thought it would be fun to do one here. I never get tired of reading these things. NEVAH!

Happy Wednesday, Party People!

Reading...Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders by Chris Hoke (Can't stop, won't stop. This is the best thing I've read in a while.)

Playing...Spot It (Question, do you let your kids win games when you play? I'm asking for a friend...)

Watching...Just wrapped season 3 of House of Cards. Season 2 went off the rails, but 3 was so good! Also, New Girl, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, and finally saw Rich Hill. Oh, and we rented the new Annie today on Redbox! Just as good the 2nd time. write a book (what. send salsa.)

Cooking...healthy chicken, rice and broccoli casserole. This was a slam dunk! I added cooked onions and garlic (duh) and used thawed, frozen broccoli because I had it on hand. All 7 of us approved, and that almost never happens. 

Eating...I can't even dignify this question with an answer.

 (it was ON SALE)

Drinking...I'm newly smitten by the Private Selections (aka "fancy" Kroger brand) White Tea

Calling...hopefully no one, ever.

Texting...Haven (always) and Robert (he likes emojis).

Pinning...ideas for our front yard sitting area. It's the new porch. (I tell myself.)

Tweeting...nonsense. Incidentally, this is my most popular tweet ever. Because life makes no sense.

Crafting...I haven't crafted much lately, though this was sort of like crafting.

Doing...everything I can to keep 4 kids content on a rainy, going-nowhere spring break. (Sidenote: entertaining a 2 year old girl AND a 10 year old boy at the same time is harder than splitting the atom. So I've heard.) Kansas later this week to speak at an adoption conference. My people!

Loving...Pharrell (heart eyes). I want Bob Goff to run for President with Jimmy Fallon as his running mate and Pharrell as Secretary of State.

Hating...eye doctor's offices with all the creepy eyeball "artwork". No bueno.

Discovering...I sleep better with 3mg of melatonin at bedtime.

Enjoying...nights when Avery sleeps straight through

Hoping (for)...June to come quickly. We're taking our kids on their first-ever vacation and we're all SO excited, but mostly Silas. We wrote a literal count-down on the calendar earlier this week. In a mere 87 days we'll be on the beach! :/

Celebrating...Spring? Supposedly???

Smelling...Mrs. Meyers Clean Day - Radish scent. I bought a bottle of the all-purpose spray at Target because it's TAX REFUND SEASON so let's buy a frivolous cleaning supply. I'm in complete amor! Can't stop spritzing. (And is it just me or do radishes actually smell nothing like this??) lucky stars for Cory. He is everything.

Considering...a capsule wardrobe for Spring. (Honestly, it's a long shot.)

Finishing...half a bag of Santitas per night, with help from Jailchap

Starting...A book club with two fun women I didn't know before we moved to town. At our first meeting we kept accidentally talking about The Bachelor and pre-schooler antics and I ate 3 bowls of salsa, but now I'm just beating a dead horse.

How about you???
Tell me everything.