Thursday, March 12, 2015

Women of Faith - Loved 2015

Last August and September, I spent Tuesday mornings with some ladies at my church.

As part of a small, aging church, there were a total of six of us, on our very best day. I was usually the youngest by anywhere from two to four decades.

One particular Tuesday, I read the headlines about Ferguson and sort of staggered the two blocks down the street to find my place at the table. Brown hair or white, none of us knew what to do, so we just shared from our heavy hearts, without fear of judgment. We listened with anxious eyes while we wrung our hands and hoped. We came from different places, different times, and God was with us as our eyes locked and we each believed we had something to learn from the other.

Like my oldest son, I sometimes find myself believing I've arrived at a place of great wisdom. It feels good to be an adult and just know things.

But God is showing me like never before how much I actually have to learn, and he's using the white-haired congregation, the neighborhood activists, the big kid in the basement, the small kids in high-water pants, and kin disguised as acquaintances to prove it.

There is power in diversity and profound beauty in the mingling of generations.

This spring and summer, Women of Faith is bringing their farewell Loved 2015 tour to many of the cities across our country in celebration of 20 years of ministry. Women from different generations will take the stage with the message, "You are seen. You are known. You are free."

I'm thrilled to be attending for the first time and hope you'll be there, too. I can't wait to see what God has to teach me through the legacy of these wise, God-seeking women. (Speaker line-up includes heroes such as Patsy Clairmont, Thelma Wells, Luci Swindoll, Mary Graham, Sheila Walsh, Korie Robertson, and Jen Hatmaker, to name a few.)
"When you know how much God loves you, it changes everything." -Women of Faith

The awesome Women of Faith folks are giving FPFG readers $20 off the price of any Standard or Premium ticket in any city with the code farmgirl20 at check-out. Pricing for these events is extremely reasonable (see details below.) This is such a fun opportunity to get a group together and hit the road!

Have a look at the tour schedule and click "more info" to see which speakers will be part of each particular event. (There's also info on hotels and such listed.) Then register for a ticket (and don't forget your discount code!)

If you're planning to attend the events in Columbus, Ohio (May 1-2) or Ft. Wayne, Indiana (July 31-August 1) let me know! I'm planning to do a FPFG group coffee/tea meet-up at both events and I would love to meet you!


Standard - $99
Premium - $109

Price includes all event sessions (lunch not included)
Website offers info on local hotels

*photo credit: cory


  1. you go girl. there is power in diversity.

  2. I may be at the Columbus date! I have a 4-month-old.. think they'd let me bring her to the event?? She's kinda on the boob, so...

    1. Would a stadium of women mind the presence of a precious, tiny baby?
      I'm guessing not. ;)
      Bring that chunky love!!

    2. Excellent! I need to run it by the Mister first and work out details (like will bringing a 6-month-old actually be feasible or will I spend the majority of my time in the lobby trying to calm her down) but I would love a FPFG meetup :)

  3. gah! i live in Fort Wayne, but the Saturday of the conference doesn't work for me :( you will be so close...but yet so far away...

  4. i was just saying last night- I feel like I'm learning so much but then learning how much I don't know...diversity is so good.

    Aug 1 happens to be my bday...seems like a fun way to spend it...

  5. My sister and I just registered for Ft. Wayne. We would love to meet up!

    1. Girl, will you still be there tonight/tomorrow? If so, reach out asap! A few of us are meeting for breakfast and I'd love for you to be there!