Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When Your Faith Doesn't Fit the Mold

I don’t remember much about Edith.

She sat near the front of our gymnasium church, though I only remember her standing. She was gray-haired, slight, her skirt fell well past her knees. Her hands were always raised. Something told me she was gutsy and bold, but I don’t recall ever sharing words with her. She fell in and out of my line of vision while I tried not to fidget in my seat, wondering why I didn’t feel the things everyone around me seemed to feel, feeling guilty that God was somewhere past my reach.

People described her as a Prayer Warrior.

I'm at (in)courage today, writing about the ways my faith often doesn't fit the mold, and why I'm done comparing it to the faith of others. Click here to continue reading.


  1. Wow, prayer is not an easy thing for me. Several years ago I could not have prayed if I was dying. I did not believe I was good enough for God to want to do anything for me. Many things have changed since then, I've learned how to pray, how to feel good about having God in my brain. I don't get on my knees very often when I talk to him and today, what you've just said, makes me feel easier about it.

    "God created us differently, with intention. But He also created us exactly the same — desperately in need of His presence and love." I love this! "...with intention." that makes me ok. How I came to be where I am now is ok. Thank you Shannon and have a blessed day.

  2. Shannan! That's two posts in a row giving me a very weepy heart. I am just so grateful to have stumbled here a few months ago. Shoot, maybe less of a stumble and more of a push nudge push.