Friday, March 6, 2015

Just One Week

Saturday morning.

I've decided I might benefit from a brow pencil. 
Be honest, would it be premature to start drawing them on, along with lips?
Pass the rouge.

Sunday: We walked to church in the pouring snow.
When we got there, our hair was white, and we fit right in.

Stop it.
You guys.
I mean it.

These are the words of my life.

I discovered this rad barn just a few blocks from our house. I drive by it all the time but never saw it from the right angle. It's right beside a jail and the tracks when I was taking this picture a train screamed by and a group of yahoos were being foolish. I thought, Yep. That's about right.

I went grocery shopping and kept doing that awkward thing where you run into the same couple in every single aisle and by the time you're to dairy, you feel like old mates.

Also, I bought a $2 bouquet of eucalyptus. I'm enraptured. I keep positioning it around the house.
And pretty as it may be, I've never felt like eating it. Now we know for sure: I just totally don't identify with the koala.

(Remember when I used to tell you every single thing I bought at the grocery for an entire month? And some of you actually spent minutes of your life reading it??)


Monday through Every Waking Minute.
I'm sitting in my bedroom where it's warm, writing.
I keep getting sort of stuck inside my head with the story and have to worm my way back out.

It's a problem, but one of my faves. 

Tuesday - errands in town.

The frequency with which I experience hair envy: Constant.

(Sidenote: Where can I find some cute head wraps/head band for Avery-sized girls? Or even Ruby-sized? All my girls have all the curls.)

Ruby drew our family and I can't stop loving it, especially since Cory appears to be wearing a skirt and Ruby and I are wearing kelly green, victorian-era heeled boots.

She drew Robert separately, sitting in a chair. "Because he hates to stand up!"

As ridiculous as it may sound, she's right.

Wednesday, an excerpt from an email sent by one of Silas's teachers: "Silas is so bright and loves to say funny things, he just says them at the wrong times."

(Welp, that about sums it up. )

Wednesday: spicy Thai food with Sarah to celebrate her belated bday.
I tied vintage "Just Married" ribbons to her gift because I have SO MANY and they matched the paper. Besides, four years is practically "just".

Ruby made a cat gift tag and Silas taped a homemade card to the back that said, "You are my best love."

Thursday: Found gingham on sale for 70% off at Target!
I didn't buy it. But you should! 

Today and every day: My favorite reminder.

Happy Friday, pals.
We made it!