Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Surrender Shouldn't Be So Scary

What would it mean to fully surrender to God’s plan for my life?

That’s a question I can’t stop asking. Quite honestly, the answer terrifies me.

Is that something a Christian isn’t supposed to admit out loud? Well.

All I can say is, God has spoken most clearly when He has asked something specific of me, something I would never have chosen for myself. His loudest call is often one to painful action — the sort of obedience that feels like tearing, rending, breaking, shrinking.
The tidy Christian girl I once was would have believed God rescued me from each of those pits.
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  1. I sort of wish that I wouldn't have read this today. Thank you though, and thank you God, for using these words to nudge me closer to the edge of that cliff that I'm being called toward.

  2. This is Truth! Why is it so easy to say this to other people but when it's *my* life I totally forget that it applies to me too?! Oh how He Loves.