Saturday, February 28, 2015


:: The Extraordinary Beauty of an Ordinary Day by Jen Kershner at The Cottage Nest because aren't we all doing our dangdest to really notice this in our own lives? "Look around you at all the beauty and love that fills your home. The cat that wants his belly rubbed. The daughter that wants you to sit on her bed and keep her company. This is your life."

:: Selfishness for Now by Erin Loechner at Design for Mankind because this is exactly where I find myself right now. "Sometimes I feel like the bulk of my job – as a writer, as a mother, is simply to protect my time..."

:: Intentional Neighboring Part I by Becca Stanley at The Stanley Clan because this is my very heartbeat. "When we talk about intentional neighboring, we mean living your life with purpose and consideration towards taking seriously Jesus' command to "love your neighbor as yourself." This, of course, leans far more complex and simple and crazy than it sounds."

:: Finding Rest for the Soul by Alia Joy at Deeper Waters because I keep trying to figure out how to do this like I mean it.  "Rest cannot be a reward, it must be a requirement."

:: Stupid Easy Nutella Cocoa Puff Cream Pie by Kendra at The Sugar Box because cereal and pie. "What [this pie] doesn't have: a filling that needs to be cooked and coddled and cooled and taken on a shopping spree."

:: Because You Asked, How Do I Love the Poor by Lori Harris because this is so hard to talk about and she does it beautifully and inspires me to keep truckin' here in my neighborhood. "To love the poor without making them feel poor, you have to know the poor well enough to call them your neighbor." (She had that in bold type and I'm leaving it that way because BOOM. It's everything.)

:: How Do School Lunches Around the World Look at Bored Panda because the world is so full of radness. (Sidenote: We are proud school lunchers, every single day. Our school eats for free and we never, ever pack. I see this as just one of the facts of life. As my dad always said, "It builds character!")

:: Hey, I'm speaking at Allume on October 15-17 in Greenville, SC! I'm way beyond honored to be part of this group of my heroes. Will you be there? Tickets go on sale Sunday March 1 at 8 a.m.!

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 :: Those boots up at the top? Silas calls them "My high heel boots" and has worn them to school every day this week, usually with sweatpants, but one time with his "fancy" shirt and necktie. Because he is just the best thing ever.

Happy weekending, homies.