Monday, February 9, 2015

February Living Room

It's that time of year again!
Around here, the slightest shifting of the seasons has me itching for a switch-up in my bitty living room.

February is totally a season.

Did you know I love Valentine's Day? I don't know why.
Every year, I say this and every year, I feel the need to explain... haha
So many people are anti-V-day.
Are you one of them?
No, don't even tell me if you are.
Is no bueno, mi amiga.

V-Day is only a day for dedicated to celebrating love, smack-dab in the dreariest month of the year.
Haters gonna hate.
I'll take it!

I don't necessarily "decorate" for Valentine's Day, aside from stringing magazine heart garlands on ALL OF THE THINGS. But my approach to decorating a space isn't super themed. And I usually don't have extra cash to spend.  I just love giving our most lived-in space new life. It keeps me energized, but maybe I'm the weirdo.

Per usual, I didn't plan to do much this year. I wanted a few cute pink/red throw pillows, but I couldn't find any that were practically-free (where is the Practically-Free store, anyway???) So I shelved the idea, strung up a heart garland, and called it a day.

It's truly a blanket from the Lord. It's pink. And red. AND GRAY. And plaid. And soft.
And it was $2.99 at Goodwill with an extra 40% off.

It changed everything, including my life.

Here's where I fess up and say I should have kept that other needlepoint pillow out of the frame. I dunno. I felt bad for it.
It was fifty cents and hand-made and colorful. I love a misfit.

The wall decor is left-over from Christmas.
I just popped a new print into the frame. (You can find the print here.)

Sidenote: I always feel like a snob when I use the word "decor". Why is this? I feel like a big, fat poser. "Decor" strikes me as involving gilded things and rich mahogany. Or maybe a tapestry or nubby silk or abstract sculpture.
It always has airquotes around it in my mind. "decor"
(Yet I can't seem to find a suitable replacement.)

Here's how this area worked: I wanted some more pink in my life, so I dug out another old print and taped it to the wall, but I didn't want to take that nail out of the wall, so I hung it just under it. Which was sort of too low and looked pretty blah.

Then I remembered this M from our fall getaway and leaned it up against it. Still looked a little sparse. So I grabbed this tulip-shaped bowl off my dresser and added it to the mix. (The bowl is still filled with chapstick and other junk and I've walked in the dark to the living room two nights in a row to put chapstick on before bed. It seems like there might be a better way...)

There's very little thought put into all of this, guys. I literally walk around the house and look for random things that might not look too ridiculous together. I lunge for whatever makes me happy. I do it for almost-free. It takes all of two minutes, or no more than twenty.
For the TV cabinet, I flung the same floral fabric from last February (because, PINK!) over the tension rod. (Isn't it great? It's the BEST. But unfortunately, I have no idea what the name is or where it came from. I found it at a yard sale and the selvedge is no help at all.)

On top, I strung a few loops of heart-garland, propped a painting of roses and added my antlers. Because nothing screams love like antlers?

(I'm so sorry.)

I'm not someone who "always has fresh flowers", even though I wish I was...but who can afford that? No me, that's who. Still, a particularly bad day last week found me buying two $4 bouquets at Kroger, along with a pint of fancy Kroger ice cream and 3 fancy Kroger frozen pizzas for dinner, because sometimes you have to bring your own sunshine.

And sometimes, it can be bought.

I like this phone shot because it makes my living room look HUGE, when it's totally dinky.

Also, it discloses the fact that I tossed all the blue and green pillows on the other end of the couch. Just because they don't fit the V-Day vibe, doesn't mean they're not special and important and necessary.

Our little vinyl-sticker family motto still helps me refocus my Mama efforts every single day.

This is how we're rolling in February, with the snow piled up to our bosoms in a house filled with the loudest, messiest kind of love.

I  might have a few other Valentinian things to say this week. Bear with me.

Ever fond,