Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wildflowers in January

Here was my yesterday:

Reach for tissue box while working
Throw out lower back

Robert: "Mommmmm!"
Me: "What do you need?" (i.e. This is the busiest day ever....WHAT DO YOU NEED?")
Robert: "Nothing. Just hugs."


Pick up kids
Read email with the Best News in the Land
Work through dinner
Report card ice cream


I don't think I've mentioned, but I officially signed with an agent a couple months ago and he's already got my nose to the grindstone.

The good news is, when I'm a little MIA over here, I'm still at least half-alive on my Facebook page, so if you can't bear a day without me (< THAT IS A RIDICULOUS JOKE) you can find me here and we'll gab.

Hey, in other news, who watched the Golden Globes Sunday night? We made it through half because we're fair-weathered. But I shared tweets, emails and voxes about all of the important details, including but not limited to:

* Patricia Arquette's hair is my hair's spirit animal. I felt bad that she had that one strand of limp bangs flopping around, but then I stopped feeling bad and instead felt a rush of warm solidarity. If Patty can rock flat hair WHILST WINNING A TROPHY then I don't feel so bad tooling around town that way.

* Salma Hayek went dressed for her Junior Prom, to fetching "Toddlers In Tiaras" effect.

* Lily Tomlin has the most compelling face on God's green earth, and only partly because it's synthetic. (Proof that sometimes, plastic surgery works to the advantage of the actress?)

* I've cast Kate Beckinsale in the role of Shannan Martin in the as-yet-untitled biopic featuring a set made entirely of gingham thrift-store cast-offs. "Something, something, Wonky, Swoony, Something." That's all I've got so far, but my instincts tell me it's going to be BIG.

If you're wondering about these pictures, it's just that when I look out my window, all I see is white and gray and thin, depressing plumes of smoke that eerily resemble my/Patty's bangs.

Also, that kid on the right? He's busy trying to dismantle my sanity again. It comes in waves.

So when I stumbled on these pictures I'd never gotten around to sharing, it seemed like just the thing I needed to stare at for a while. Maybe it'll help you, too. And if you have your doubts, notice both of Ruby's front teeth are missing and watch those doubts drift off to sea.

It's impossible to look at a child without front teeth and believe the universe is anything other than exactly right. Proven fact.

This is exactly how I want my soul to feel right now.

If God was Don Draper and I was Peggy and I had to show him the optimal positioning of my heart and psyche, I would haul this in and put it up on that big easel in his office. And I would smoke a cigarette while I did it.

In reality, I'm usually somewhere closer to this, which has its perks.

Gah. I love these small, youth-shaped people.
Stare with me a while at the above kid. He's purely awesome.  When he's smiling. When he's smiling but not talking about poop or butts.

See what a field of wildflowers will get you in the middle of January?
Your sanity. Peace on earth.

Last thing: my Becoming: The Unfolding of You video went up yesterday! I watched it again and I have to say, MY HANDS ARE LIKE THE GIANT, FLAPPING WINGS OF A CONDOR. But beside that, I talked a lot about my journey to realizing who God made me to be, and the video ends with the best example of God's impeccable timing EVER. I don't want to spoil the surprise. Just watch all the way to the end and I dare you not to smile until your cheeks cramp.

My creative video is all about thrifting. What. Yes, that's correct. I was told to talk about something creative, and it totally counts. See me live and in action at my local Goodwill store. 

Click here to register. It's not too late and it's free! There are three sets of videos each week and I have loved all I've seen so far. It's so much fun to sit and "chat" with women who tell the truth, you know?

Happy Tuesday!

ps - The rad T's on the kiddos came from one of my favorite shops, The House of Belonging. I want to own every single thing they create. In multiple. You will faint dead away at their wall art. Dead away!


  1. I was all set to hop off of good ole' FB when I happened upon your post. So. Glad. Those kids, those flowers, those pics!!! That's the best kinda thing smack dab in the middle of January!!!! Would it be creepy to print and hang one up? Yeah, probably. But man what a fresh reminder of all that is good and right in the world!

    "Just Hugs"! Melt my stinkin momma's heart!!!!! Oh those big old sons. They know how to wrap us momma's right around their big old fingers!!!! I've mentioned my biggest son to you before, it's okay that you probably don't remember, anyway, word on the street is that he may be coming home too!!! But he's bringing someone with him.....his current other half. So many mixed feelings on this whole thing. I'm finding myself desperate for your words (read God's words) of wisdom and insight to all things Perfect Love! Maybe we can chat sometime? And hey big fat congrats on signing with and agent! You fancy pants you!!! Can't wait for your becoming video!

  2. "I would haul this in and put it up on that big easel in his office. And I would smoke a cigarette while I did it." I am dying over here!

  3. I watched your video yesterday and adored the ending. I was telling hubby about it and we both said we want one of those. He is so cute and you can tell him I said so.

  4. No where in your day did you mention our texts about bachelor.

  5. Oh how I needed wildflowers in January! Thank you!

    So glad Robert is home to remind you of hug breaks! Looks like his timing fit perfectly into your day!

  6. Amen to all of this. An agent!?! I don't even know what this means, but I'm excited for you and I feel like it's long overdue.

  7. Loved your video. And I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE the hands! Maybe I'll watching again on mute. :) Just kidding. That's super exciting on the agent!! Can't wait to see what's ahead in your story!

  8. How I needed the flowers and sunshine this morning. We have been cold, rainy and gray for DAYS. I am struggling with S.A.D. and unfortunately I think my dog is too so we are both huddled on the couch.....at least we are together!!!!

  9. Love every last thing about this post (an agent! YES!) and your becoming video. I need yellow wildflowers stat. January is so hard on the eyes and the soul.

  10. Great news about your agent. It's your time! Your words need to be out there!


  12. Really??? These pictures are just painful! The beauty and the warmth is heart wrenching!!! Seriously though, a huge congratulations on the book- you are my hero!

  13. Just watched the video, and I just loved it. I love how you sounded a teeny bit nervous until the postscript, where you were just genuinely chatting with a kiddo you love. (The rest sounded genuine too, I just mean you seemed more relaxed with a friend!) I love that he came to you first. What a good neighbor the Lord is allowing you to be!

  14. Hi, this is my first time to your blog, I am taking the Becoming study and watched your videos yesterday. Oh my, what you describe is completely where I am at this moment (right down to the dream farmhouse we are living in and painstakingly gutted and renovated) circumstances are different (mine involve a car accident and brain injury), but I just discovered In an all-night, couldn't sleep, might as well pray session the night before, that it is fear that holds me here, not my desire to give my kids an upbringing I had (that is part of it, but not the driving force). I had never acknowledged the fears I have, about keeping my kids safe, keeping our family unit reliant only on each other, keeping ppl at a safe distance so I don't get hurt. I had never acknowledged them, but since the "all night prayer sesh" and then watching your video the very next day, it's all I can think about... and now this beautiful property and life I'm fighting tooth and nail to keep doesn't seem so idyllic anymore.

  15. Am I the only one having trouble signing up for Jeanne Oliver's network? The captcha step keeps showing a 3 or 4 digit #, then asks me to type in the two words!! Very frustrating because I'd love to see your video. Can't even contact her administrators without signing up first....which I can't do. How do you spell a 4-digit # with only 2 words????

  16. Loved your video. I watched it at work and had to pause it several times (how dare they expect actual work from me?!?!). I thought you ought to know, that not once, NOT ONCE, did you have that awkward video paused face. Every time I stopped the thing, you looked like you were patiently waiting for me to come back to the conversation. Once it was a not-so-patiently-waiting-face, but it wasn't one of those don't-ever-show-this-photo-to-anybody-ever-faces. Also, I didn't notice your hands ever, but your heart was on display BIG TIME.

    PS Enjoy the hug breaks and congrats on the agent!

  17. Those pics made my 6 degree day warm and fuzzy. Si Pie, does the world have any idea what it is in for??? love you!!

  18. "Found" you through your Becoming. . . Video and fell in love with you right there. I am so excited that God put you on this earth and that you decided to share, thank you and Thank God! You have a new follower and friend!

  19. I am absolutely loving the "Becoming" series. It's my speial treat after I get work done each day and there's still a bunch more to come! I loved hearing your voice, Shannan--it adds new dimension to me reading your blog posts now (and it's all good--your heart voice and your real voice.)

  20. I am loving the Becoming series. I have to tell you, the video was nice, but you really blossomed (pun intended) when your "homeboy" showed up. That is the Shannan Martin that shines!

  21. imagining you smoking a cigarette with attitude. dying.

    i've read all your posts up until this one...something was going on with the comments..wouldn't let me. and then finally it did. whoo hoot.

    loved catching up...blog reading almost never happens anymore..but when it does....it's yours for sure.

    update from me: before christmas i met a mom with 7 kiddos. she's 25. through a random series of events (or total God moments!) a friend and i are getting to know her and her kids...it's life changing. i know you get it.