Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: The winner of the Artful Blogging giveaway - Amanda McB. Email me, lady. (shannandmartin at gmail) (I LOVED reading all your "good thing" comments! I tell Cory all the time how awesome you guys are. True story.)

:: I keep making this basic marinara, only I sometimes use all diced/petite diced tomatoes and omit the puree because I like my sauce to be toothsome. THEN, I throw in a handful of capers when I eat it for lunch (yes, carbs for lunch, please and thank you) and MY WORLD IS CHANGED FOREVER.

:: In light of the world and the post I wrote yesterday, I read anything I can get my hands on about parenting kids of different races. Black Moms Tell White Moms About the Race Talk was a compelling read.

:: Shouting From the Front: Reflections of a Disorderly Woman Pastor by Rev Tiffany Thomas. I devoured this read. Fascinating, truthful take. (Pssst...our church is currently pastored by a woman. Uncharted territory for me!)

:: Anything Helps by Megan at Sweet Pea and Beans. A thoughtful post on the way we complicate generosity.

:: You will faint dead away at the Before/Afters of this adorable cottage Layla featured over at The Lettered Cottage. Makes me want to go all, "3 Little Bears" and sneak in to see it for myself...

:: I don't have it in me to be a minimalist, but I've had some deep thoughts recently on the life of clutter in my home. Paige gets my wheels turning in The Transformation of a Clutter Chameleon.

:: To that end, Erin blows my dang mind with Closet Minimalism - Wardrobe 25.

:: Yesterday was Robert's birthday and he hates his birthday. But he watched Ruby Sparks with me last night and it cheered us both up. Quirky for the win!

:: I keep buying whole milk to make Martha's Lemon Souffle Pudding, then using up all the milk before I can get it made because my life is a bit wonky right now.

:: I've been on a mail-sending bender lately and holy guac, I really DO love tacos...

:: My friend Becca, preggers and feeling miserable, talks about what life looks like when God orders all her days, even the ones where she can't make it off the couch. "I learn again and again the discipline of surrendering parts of myself for something greater. To give up ministry to meet Jesus in my weakness."

:: Humans of New York is kicking my butt this week. Just read everything on the home page right now. (This is what happens when we believe ALL children (not just our own) deserve a quality education and a future.)

:: Need a spark of creativity? Hayley rounded up a passel of "leading women" to get their take on how to capture and nourish creativity. (Related: I'm a "leading woman"! What??!)

Happy Weekending, Friends and Neighbors!