Friday, January 2, 2015

Top 10 FPFG Posts of 2014

I woke up yesterday to a flood of these end-of-year/best-of posts.
I've never written one before. Am I breaking the blog law here???

As the day went on, I found myself curious about what my top posts are.

I'm equal parts shocked and comforted to see my top posts are ALL OVER the board.
Parenting, adoption, decorating, public schooling, marriage, poverty...pants??
(Maybe this anything-goes approach really does work.)

Because these are the posts that resonated with you, you tweeted and emailed and shared them on Facebook. You helped spread the word about my humble key-tapping, and though it makes me a little "red in the face" (as Calvin would say), it's also not lost on me that the growth of our little community is a beautiful thing. I appreciate your willingness to connect with me and your interest widening the circle of this family we've found together.

 All I can do is raise my Dr. Pepper can to you once again, ever-grateful that you stick with me. Birds of a feather flock together, and I'm a big weirdo, so.... you do the math.

1. For the Moms with Wild Ones
 "This child? He's not a problem. He's the best thing ever."

2. The Best Gift an Adoptive Mom Can Give
"What he needed from me that night and every single day before and since, is the promise that he never has to choose. He doesn't have to parcel love for his first mom from his love for me. It's not a pie that needs to be portioned or a scales that needs to lean perpetually in my favor." 

3. Why Hack-Schooling Isn't The Answer For Us
"I'm starting to wonder if we're not missing the boat when we place such high premiums on educational success, or even creativity. I don't doubt for a minute that Calvin would rather be traipsing through the woods, whittling spears and tracking imaginary predators than memorizing math facts. But I know he was created for community and this is it."

4. Nester Made Me Do It
"I'm not trying to win some far-fetched design award here. I'm trying to create a home that brings my family joy and reminds us of what matters most. I know it might be polarizing, but hey, it's only the first thing you see when you walk into our home. It's not like first impressions are significant in any way."

5. I Wasn't Always Like This - Living Room, Early Summer Ed.
"It's official: I can't leave well enough alone. It's a recent affliction. I blame the pine-planked walls."

(aka: Are you Team Wonky or Team Symmetry?)

6. The Fatherhood Project - Our Video

7. Reconciled
 "I can close my eyes and feel the pulse of that bruise rising up in my soul. I remember the exact shade of shame I wore. I remember believing there wasn't a single Christian I could trust with my mess, not a soul who could handle me."

8. For You
"He's got the microphone. He's up on the stage. His shirt is soft, His jeans are muddy, His eyes are so kind. And he shouts while He laughs, His free hand waving us to Him. 'I am so for you. You don't even know. Get over here!'"

9. A Dilemma Involving Pants
"I fell asleep, waking several times over the dark hours due to the cat and a terrifying dream that Robert lost his job and tried to tell me he couldn't get another job until he was treated for post-partum depression. 'It happens to Dads, too.'"

10. The Solution To American Poverty
"In a perfect world, every person would have access to gainful employment and every Baby Mama would be a wife. The problem is, I know names now. The whole (airquotes) poverty issue isn't hypothetical or theoretical anymore, and it can't be squashed with a mouthful of social science jargon."

Honorable Mentions:

Goodwill Toward Women
Broken For Me
Last Saturday 
My Salsa
Fall In {Our Cozied-Up Living Room}
I Know A Boy

Since the kids are currently wrapped up in a full-color imaginary game involving Beanie Babies, the Frozen soundtrack, and feetie pajamas, tell me, what's your favorite things to read about here at the FPFG homefront?

I'm all ears.