Monday, December 8, 2014

With a Dress As Our Flag

"It takes courage to believe we can change things."

 {Me in a skirt, circa 2 years ago. My church ladies didn't "get" this combo.}

I hardly ever wear dresses. Maybe in the summer. Maybe. To church.
I'm probably more of a skirt person.

And when I say things like "I'm more of a skirt person," what I mean is, "I wear jeans every single day and especially in winter unless I'm wearing pajama pants and while I'm on the subject, I find that I don't even want to wear button-downs in winter because they're not cozy enough so what I'm trying to say is, it's possible that I wore the same jeans and the same exact cozy shirts three days in a row last week and I refuse to feel shame about it. It passed the sniff test. The end."

When my pal Jess decided to raise awareness and funds for International Justice Mission through a fundraiser called Dressember, in which you wear a dress EVERY SINGLE DAY in December, I was blown away. It was like saying you're going to go to bed by 9 pm every night for 31 days or you're going to try (and fail) to ignore salsa for a month. In other words: Impossible.

When I read through the Q&A for December and saw, "Can you wear skirts? Yes, but only if they're layered over a dress" I died laughing. THESE LADIES DON'T PLAY.

The concept is deliciously creative and ridiculously inspiring, especially since Jess is a fellow thrifty-gal. (She also shows pics of her outfits daily on Instagram!) I'm thrilled to cheer her on! This is just one of the reasons we live with less, right? So we can better support causes that matter. By not buying a ding-dang thing brand new for 6 months, I was able to click over and send a meager $25 her way - but it adds up, and in doing this, I'm saying I care about the injustice of human trafficking happening across the globe. I'm waving *her* dress as my flag.

Have a look at her page, watch the video (it's quick!) and pitch in for the cause.

Happy Monday, freedom-people!



  1. You cannot be for real!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, friend. That flag quote is my favorite from the campaign! Also I think it's pretty hilarious that today's IG shot is my most ridiculous. Perfect timing, cuz it's bigger than the dress!! Xoxo

  2. like your skirt button down combo;) i have to say she sure did look comfy in her dress, she found a way!

  3. Smiling big over this post because I happen to be participating in Dressember too. It's so much bigger than the dress. I will say I made my way to a thrift store yesterday and picked up four dresses for $26.00. Yay! And I do love how the dress reminds me to pray and the challenge is seriously changing this heart of mine. Love your support of your friend.

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  6. I LOVE your shirt/skirt combo. What are the church ladies thinking?!?! :)