Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: I spent Thursday in blustery, festive Chicago. I wore my hood, ate Thai, and experienced a strange form of culture shock when I walked in to Gap and remembered normal shirts sell for somewhere between $40-$70. This is ridiculous, people. I struggle to pay $5, because it means I'm at Goodwill on the wrong day. (Also, please forget I ever mentioned this the next time I happen to bring home a $40 shirt. We both know this will happen.)

(photo credit Kelly Portnoy)

(photo credit Kelly Portnoy)

:: I read all of Kelly's words (good stuff), but it's Saturday, and we need a little eye candy. You'll want to check out the house tour she did of her friend's home. I die. I swoon. Etc...

"your right now might be really tough – or boring – or sad.
what if this hard stuff is just a plot twist? the place where things get intense in the story?
and what comes out of that twist is something better than you could have dreamt up?
God has a plan that is good and loving (not easy)." - Meg D

:: I know I need ^^ this, and you might, too.

:: Oh, this will be happening. (I had to be elusive on this one or NO ONE would click on the link. Suckahs!)

:: We watched Serving Life on Netflix a few days ago and I wanted it to never end. Spoiler: Maximum security prisoners + hospice patients. You do the math. (The answer = EVERY FEELING.)

:: Cory has been saving forevs and finally got this Polaroid-style camera. You can't imagine the fun/suspense/nostalgia.

:: Why Poor People Stay Poor by Linda Tirado. This was simply perfect. I shook my head through the entire article.

:: I've mentioned my obsession with The Sugar Box blog. Here's a story that might illustrate said obsession: I read her post soon after waking up earlier this week, whilst still in bed. She said I should make this magical Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Candy, so I drove to Kroger and bought all of the ingredients. I'm making it tomorrow. She's the boss of me. More importantly, I have pulled up her post twice this week to read excerpts aloud to unsuspecting friends. Just do yourself a favor already.

It seems like I'm in the mood to be bossed around, and Silas isn't available. What else should I be reading/doing/watching/eating? Tell me everything.