Thursday, December 4, 2014

FPFG "All Things Christmas" Link-Up of Cheer

Our tree. It's so sorry and wonky and weird.
I'll show you more pictures of it soon. Promise.

For now, I've gathered up a bunch of my Christmas Greatest Hits and organized them in one tidy place. Whilst gathering up old links, I kept getting caught up in the archives, when I had three tiny little babies at home with me all day. How do we survive this? Also, I want it back. For like a day or two.

But seriously, those archives with the off-point photography and fast-and-loose narration? That's why I started blogging, and why I'm still here chugging along.

Nostalgia Break over!

Let's get down to it.

I'm linking up to the highlights of my Christmases past. I know many of you lovelies are newer around here, so if you and I go way back, feel free to scroll past the repeats.


(OMW, how was I ever so neutral?! I don't even recognize myself.)

Since I don't have a mantel, I decorate the bathroom.

There's also:
The post in which I experience the exact confusion I wrote about yesterday, circa 2013.
And another one, circa 2012.

The first year Christmas really jacked with me.

Our Baby Bruce Jenner nativity. (Uncanny.)

Oh, and The Creeps.

Never forget The Creeps.

So, what've you got to show us?

Hit me.

Share your Etsy shop,  your adoption fundraiser, the book your wrote, the album you produced. Show us your favorite gift idea, your signature party dish. Show us your holiday hair. Your Christmas tree. Your celebrity-dopplegangar nativity. SHOW IT ALL. 

(To enter a link just click below and it'll walk you through. I just entered my Craft Party link to try it out. All you need is a URL to a specific post, then give it a name (mine defaulted to my post title, but I switched it to something more basic). It will let you select a photo from the post you're linking up to and ask for your email address. Badaboom! So easy.)