Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: Lean in and see how some families are born.

:: Am I the only weirdo who never tires of looking at beautiful weddings? My pal's little sis styled this one!

:: Apparently I didn't save the right URL for that last link, so I had to search around for minutes and minutes. Instead of silently muttering my usual, "For the love of Pete" I said, "Did I do thaaaat?" In the Steve Urkle voice. I can't explain it, but I sure feel better now that the secret's out.

:: This provoked my Ugly Cry, on contact.


:: I love, love this song. His voice does magical things and I'm inclined to buy the cd (yes, I still buy cds. shut up about it.) but I still haven't recovered from being duped by Elliott Yamin...

:: Hey, one of my favorite companies posted an interview with me!

:: I like the way this one tells the truth.

:: I'm on the secondhand hunt for a pair of these (WHY did I toss mine in college???)

:: LOVE is right. Yes to a green kitchen!

:: Add this to your kiddos' library, stat.

:: This sincerely feels like a website we all need, and I'm not even playing.

:: This woman somehow takes my kind of life and makes sense of it.

:: I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS. Mostly laughter. Related: Sarah and I used to have an entire "Secular" list, documenting all the times our pastor said it, with passion and earnestness, LIKE IT WAS AN ACTUAL THING.

Happy Weekend, Homies!

*A wee affiliate link was used for that there book.


  1. Your song link goes to more than one video. Can you tell us which song (not that they aren't all good)?

  2. I haven't clicked on all of the links yet, but I will. :) I have meant to tell you for two weeks that I got to try kimchi for the first time! A friend from church made my family a slew of Korean beef, chicken, rice, and kimchi and told us how to make a Korean taco. It was amazing, and for some reason I've been super excited to share that information with you. Now I'm going to go look at your links. :)

  3. The father/daughter dance..... THE BEST!!! Oh my..... Thanks for sharing that!!!

    Have you read "Now I Walk on Death Row"? It is OH SO VERY GOOD! It opened my eyes a little wider!

  4. Speaking of styled weddings, please tell me you saw this one!

  5. SHE SPENT $750 ON AN OLD MAN PAJAMA SHIRT!!!! I'm sorry for shouting, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. Adorable interview, love your "entertaining advice" since its basically how I do.

  6. I echo that echo of my echo of his echo. Bwhahaha.

  7. From someone who has a pair of Eddie Bauer brand bought at a thrift store--the reason you pitched those boots in college is they are horribly uncomfortable! My pair comes out for the worst of weather and then I remember why that is the only time I wear them. I should have worn them to church today though. Our weather is only fit for ducks.

  8. Oh yes on that color green in the kitchen!!
    Had to share the "things Christians say."
    But Kate is wearing her pj bed.... just sayin. ;)