Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: A mom tells the truth and we all exhale. (Or maybe it was just me.) "i want to keep losing myself and my reputation so that all you see is my need for grace."

:: I love everything about this cozy study, especially the horse ribbons.

:: The 10 Commandments of Tacos

:: My kids all share a room, so I loved this post on tips for a shared kids' room.

:: This series was about simplifying home-school (I don't homeschool) but it applies to most of life. 

:: We watched Chef last night. It has f-words. But it is a beautiful, inspiring, happy movie. Featuring lots of food, and Jon Favreau ('nuff said.) 

:: Speaking of food, I'm reading this right now (amongst the rest of the stack) and the first chapter was sort of a downer because it's about eating gross food, but it was also hilarious because I learned as a child to be a bit "loose" with my stance on "old" "food". (Wanna come over for dinner????)

:: Powerful words about raising black sons.  

:: Nester and Tsh created an INTJ Pinterest board and IT IS GOLD.

:: Raspberries were on sale two pints for $1! I'm making these.

:: Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon can't stop laughing. (And neither can I.)

Kick it this weekend, Homies!