Friday, November 14, 2014

Thrift Fix - 1.0

For the past year, various blog friends have harped (ever so nicely) on me to hop aboard the Stitch Fix bandwagon. A few made a great case, saying this is a needed service for women who don't have time to shop or don't trust themselves to put together an outfit that they'll feel great in.

While lots of people I love use Stitch Fix, it was never the right fit for me (ha), primarily because I don't buy retail very often. I'm a big believer in buying secondhand. It's the best value and it works against the popular norm of cranking out more "stuff" when this world has plenty. Plus, it requires a little more creativity and patience, both of which I could always exercise more.

So, welcome to Thrift Fix!

Every now and then, I host a sale of secondhand outfits I've put together with much love and affection, JUST FOR YOU. (You can read about the first sale, similar but not entirely the same, right here.)

I'm committed to buying ONLY things that I would wear. In fact, I feel some level of visceral pain that I can't keep all of this for moi. If I'm buying it, I love it. And I try to pair things up in a really FPFG sort of way, but remember that these are pieces you can mix-and-match however you'd like. They would also work well with things you already have!

Boss Notes
If you're interested in an outfit, leave me a comment with the outfit number (the number is directly BELOW the photo) along with your PayPal address. I will randomly choose a winner for each outfit and send you an invoice.

Shipping is only available to the Continental US.

Sadly, there are no returns. I do my best to accurately provide size information, making notes when items look larger or bigger than their actual size. If your outfit doesn't work, you can feel free to comb back through the comments and find someone else who might want it!

Comments will be open until tomorrow, at noon ET. (Saturday the 15th)

Outfit 1
heathered blue 3/4, scoop neck T - Old Navy, size XS
citron/light grey striped sweater - Old Navy, size XS
plaid scarf

Outfit 2
hunter gingham button-down - Gap, size XS
black turtleneck sweater with "leather" elbow patches - Max Studio, size XS

Outfit 3
navy flowered button-down - Banana Republic, size S
varsity cardigan - Forever 21, size S

 Outfit 4
striped "dress" (it's short, so I'd definitely wear with leggings or skinnies, a thin belt and boots!) - Rue 21, size M (runs small, so would def be more of a S)
pinstriped button-down with ruffled front - American Eagle, size 4


(blurry! sorry!)

Outfit 5
grey long sleeved "Live Free" T-shirt - Old Navy, size S
leopard cardigan - Old Navy, size S
plaid scarf

Outfit 6
long, sage green sweater with pocket - Banana Republic, size S (runs a bit larger, more like M)
polka-dot thermal - Belle du Jour, size M
knit scarf

Outfit 7
knit sweater dress - size M (Think leggings and boots again!)
**Note** I discovered a tiny hole in the armpit when I was taking the photo. Should be an easy fix, but this is sold as-is!

Outfit 8
sheer, black flowered long-sleeve T - Free People, size S (runs big)
knit tank with swingy hem - Pink Rose, size M
(My friend Alison paired a tank over a LS t-shirt last week and I immediately vowed to do the same. Looked so cute!)

Outfit 9
blue pin-striped button-down with ruffle placket - Eddie Bauer, size M
grey polka-dot T - JCP, size L
*Note: This T has a loose, slightly-cropped cut.

Outfit 10
navy blue courduroy blazer - H&M, size 10 (runs small)
cobalt woven tank - Ann Taylor Loft, size M

Outfit 11
flannel - Club Room, size L
flowered thermal - Mossimo, size L
(Flannels are HUGE right now and this monochromatic pairing is a great way to break into mixing patterns.) :)

Outfit 12
loose, comfy-knit grey T - Whisper, no size (looks like a Large, but could work for a Med, too. I have a similar shirt and wear it ALL THE TIME. Looks cute with leggings (it has a longer hem in back) or skinnies!)
navy blue scarf - (this thing is huge, like the scarves I wear! you can twist it up a million different ways.)

 Outfit 13
Xhileration dress, NEW WITH TAGS! - size XL
thin, studded wrap bracelet
(People. This dress is so killer. I wish it could be mine. Black tights and black booties!!!)

Outfit 14
white, comfy-knit shirt - Old Navy, size XL
black/gray gingham scarf
(Same notes as gray T above. This is the sort of thing I live in. Would probably need a cami or tank underneath.)

Outfit 15
blue pin-striped button-down with ruffle placket - Old Navy, size XXL
burnt orange velvet blazer - Talbots, size 16
*This is one of my all-time favorite thrift finds. I have a velvet blazer that I wear ALL the time. It's so polished but also looks great with a junky T underneath. The color in this photo is way off. Sorry. It's a much more mellow, burnt orange. And the blazer appears to be brand new!

Leave your preferences in the comments with a PayPal address! Total for each outfit is $23, which includes shipping.

Thrifty Luv 4-Ever,


  1. Super exciting and again, amazing outfits! I'd love outfit 15

    Nedrifle at gmail dot com

    1. Tell Silas if my last name was 'dactyl, I'd be Tara (ptero) dactyl!

  2. #15 Cool stuff!

  3. 2,6,7-
    I love this. All of it.

  4. I am a sucker for anything with elbow patches! LOVE Outfit #2! kamster414@

  5. I'd like several and will list them all here in hopes of getting one. :) #1, #2, and #9. My email for paypal is

  6. Love this! I love outfit #4, #8, and #6
    Email for Paypal account is

  7. I wasn't planning to put my name in, but ELBOW PATCHES!! I mean. Always wanted, never found it secondhand. So #2 for the win. PayPal email - Mel

  8. Loving outfit 6!!

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  10. #11. nfilian@yahoo. Com
    Love the combination!
    Thanks, Kirsten

  11. I'm not "entering" this time around, although - I have decided that next time I do, I'm signing up as Sara Scoots 'cause I think it might win me some points with Silas - BUT I had to tell you that I was at Goodwill this morning (found some stuff! I'm learning!), and I came across this shirt that was an XL, but it was ADORABLE. I tried it on even though I knew it wouldn't fit and of course it was a disaster on me - but I seriously debated buying it just so I could send it to you for your Thrift Fixes!! I restrained myself though - shipping is ridiculous. :(
    Love the new combos!!!

  12. #13 What a nice thing to do!

  13. I loooooveeeeee 12 and also 6 because you described it as SAGE and that's the best thing ever.

  14. #4 and #10. eeeeek!

  15. #12 for me! is my Paypal

  16. #7! It looks like you're wearing a piece of VanGogh's starry night!?
    I think it may be gone -- but if not? you've got my paypal :)

  17. I love #6&7, so cute;).

  18. Throwing my name in for #7:

  19. Outfit #12. Perfect to hide a post baby pooch. :).

  20. This is such a GREAT idea!!! I love second hand stuff!!! Finding stuff at resale shops I like finding buried treasure!!! :) I like #3, I am a sucker for cardigans and button down shirts!!!

  21. #10 please and thank you!

  22. I knew I loved you the first time I read one of your posts. YES, could never get on board with Stitch Fix... But this? This is genius! Put me in the hat for #1!

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    but the one's that would fit....
    #3 and #6

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  27. Oh I love this!! I need to get my behind to the thrift stores! I'm loving outfits 4 & 12!

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  29. Love this....such a rad idea! Outfit 11...please and thank you! brianinthered[at] hubster's. :)

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  31. I just want to tell you I love you on every single post. Is that weird? I think it is. I just love the way your mind works, friend!

    1. Not, weird! :)
      I need more friends like you. ;)
      Thanks, Amber!

  32. #7 for sure! Perfect for boots and leggings!

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    angieatschool@ hotmail dot com

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  40. Forgot to include my new PayPal info:

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