Thursday, November 20, 2014

This is How God Speaks

I spent yesterday with some of my ladies. We ran through Goodwill (duh) then settled into a booth and asked the server to "keep the salsa coming". Then we shared what was on our hearts, and it was some serious business.

We're all in a time of uncertainty, aren't we? No matter what's going on in our world, there are unanswered questions and niggling feelings of internal wonkiness. We want what we don't want, we don't want what we do want. It's all a bit of a mess, and we've grown accustomed to the yank and shove of working out our faith, making it something that belongs to us, something that's all of us - fully in and through us.

Our words still ringing in my ears, I grabbed our kids' devotional book this morning and because 1) I'm not a morning person and 2) God is God and I am not, I read yesterday's page. By "accident".

So this is completely for me, but it's also for you. It's for the ladies who shared lunch with me and all the ones who came before. It's for those of you I may not share a chip basket with this side of eternity. (Sidenote: Jesus, keep the salsa coming!) We are in this together. We've been grafted into community with one another for a purpose.

So grab my hand, let's say what's true.

Follow Me. No matter where I lead you, just follow Me. Don't worry about how everything will turn out. Just trust Me, and I'll show you the way.

Think of your life as an adventure, with Me as your Guide and Companion. Don't worry about where our path will lead tomorrow - just live in the adventure of today. Keep your mind on staying close to Me.

If our path takes us to the bottom of a steep cliff, don't be afraid. Just hold tightly to My hand, and take a deep breath. I'll help you climb all the way up to the top. And when we come to a peaceful resting place, stop there a while and rest with me.
Is that just what you needed, or is it just me?
The devotional ended with this, my very favorite Bible verse. Because of course it did.
"For I am confident that I will see the Lord's goodness while I am here in the land of the living." Psalm: 27:13-14

Happy Thursday, Homies.
Thanks for being my people.

*I only feel slightly too-bossy in saying you need this kids devotional in your casa. Even if you don't have kids, because sometimes we need God's word as plain and simple and profound as it was always meant to be.

** I sent invoices out last night for Thrift Fix 1.0! Check your email. If you didn't "win", there's always next time. :)

*** Yes, that is an affiliate link up there.