Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday APB

I woke up this morning before the alarm. The instant my brain roused, I was filled with a profound truth.

Naturally, I tweeted it.
(Or, as Cory would say, "I tweeted it out.")


It's 11:35 now, and I've hardly moved today. I'm working on my book proposal (prayers, stat!) and generally basking in the wonderfulness of having no where to go today, which hasn't happened in months.

But I can't escape that before-dawn feeling, and I don't want to.
I feel like maybe some of you need it.

"Guess what? Your past is not the boss of you. Pat it on the head - it taught you important things. Then walk away. Live in your made-newness." - Me, in my pajamas

Next thing:
I'm "streamlining" my personal facebook page. That's basically a nice way of saying I'm unfriending a bunch of people. Blerg.

We're trying to worm our way into deeper community, the skin-and-bones kind, and facebook is a great way to do that, but I needed a bit of organization up in here.

A few times I've invited you guys to friend me. (And you did!!) And I loved it. But since then, I started an official FPFG facebook page. I would love it if you found me over there. And I'm sorry I'm so bad at these official, techy things. (Basically, I'm punishing you for following directions, then giving you homework. I'm your 4th grade nightmare.)

Right now, I'm posting things double, on my Shannan page, and my FPFG page, and I'm going to start posting blog stuff, deep thoughts and general ridiculousness only on the blog page, rather than trying to keep up with doing everything on both.

Find me here! Please. I don't want to lose you. And I don't want anyone's feelings to be hurt, which is why I'm making this awkward for everyone by talking about it for 5 straight paragraphs.

Oh, hey. TGIF!

We have big plans to split up for a Boy Date (Korean food) and a Girl Date (deciding between tacos and Olive Garden. Ha.) I don't know if we've ever done this in an "official" way, and we're all keyed up about it.

What do you have up your sleeve today?

PS - The pink flowers in the top photo? SIAMESE TWINS.